Create a Subject/Course Guide Block

  1. Login to Drupal.
  2. In the left hand nav menu, select Create Content, then Course/Subject Guide Block.
  3. Type the title of the block in the 'Title' field -- this will appear as the block section header in your subject guide
  4. Type a secondary title into the 'Private Label' field (Optional). This title will not be shown on your actual page, only in your edit view. This field allows disambiguation of blocks with identical titles .
  5. Add content to the Body field using FCKEditor, our WYSIWYG editing tool. Here are some tips for copy-and-paste:
    • Firefox users: if you are copying/pasting in an Firefox browser, click the paste button to paste. When the Paste window opens, paste your text in it and click OK. Check your links to make sure they still work.
    • Internet Explorer users: if you are copying/pasting in an IE browser, click the Paste button to paste. A dialog will pop up asking you if you want to allow this web page access to you clipboard -- click Don't Allow (yes, this is counterintuitive). Then the Paste window will open: paste your text in it and click OK. Check your links to make sure they still work.
    • Microsoft Word users: Use the paste microsoft word button to paste content from MS Word. When the Paste from Word box appears, check both "Remove font face definitions" and "Remove Styles definitions." This is not a perfect solution -- there still may be some style clean-up to do because tabs from MS Word will be replaced with spaces, and a few span tags will still be there (the span tags are invisible).
    • Click the source button to paste source code from a web page in. You can also clean up conflicting code using this view.
  6. Use the Add link icon to add or edit links.
  7. Use the Format drop-down menu to apply headings formatting
  8. Use the add picture icon to add pictures.
  9. Youtube Video Embed (optional): To embed a YouTube video insert the code that looks like this: width:300]
    (IMPORTANT: NO SPACE AFTER COLON) You can use width and height tags to resize the display.
  10. Embed Databases: If you wish to include a customized list of databases within your block, paste your Xerxes Javascript Widgetcode into this field. Instructions on how to create a list of custom databases can be found at -- Note: The custom settings on your Xerxes: Embed page will not transfer to here, however, if you wish to include the SimpleSearch box, there is an optional checkbox below your Embed Databases field labeled 'Include search box with your embedded databases.'
  11. Share Block: Decide whether you want to reserve the block for your guides only, or whether you want to allow other Librarians to include it in their guides. It's better not to share blocks unless you are certain other librarians will want to use them. You can always share them later.
  12. Click Save.