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Subject & Course Guide Overview

Page Layout

  • A course or subject guide is a drupal page that may or may not have tabs.
  • Each page or tab has three columns:

Left Column

Middle (Main) column

Right Column

Contact block pointing to guide author (appears automatically in all guides, but you must add the photo and information in your profile)

Guide Title: Tab Title (if applicable)

Tabs for guide (if applicable)

Meebo widget block (optional -- you can add it in your profile)

Freeform Text and image content (optional)

One or more modular "blocks." If no blocks added in right column, Middle column will expand to the right.

Related Guides block (if applicable)

One or more modular “blocks,” either the guide author’s own, or created by other librarians and shared

  • You do not need to create Course or Subject Guide Blocks first, but it helps if you want to reuse your content across multiple guides.
  • Although each guide is associated with its author, all subject and course guides will be saved under the URL, rather than under your personal URL.

Drupal Book StructureGuide Structure

On the library web site, the tabbed course guide is actually a Drupal book.   Drupal books consist of one top "parent" page, and then a series of child pages.  In the native Drupal theme, books normally look just like the documentation on the Drupal site, with hierarchical menu navigation on one side, and previous/next navigation on the bottom (see The Guide-style books on our site have tabbed navigation across the top only.

You can rearrange the order of the child pages (i.e. the order in which the navigation tabs appear) but you cannot move the parent page to a lower position in the hierarchy without dismantling the book.

You can copy individual pages of a guide, but not the whole guide at once.  See instructions below.