A Page That Has Some Problems

Validation Errors

Image without alt text (W3C & AccVerify error (1.1) DW 1 / Contrib 1)

Image alignment set to "default" (W3C "value cannot be DEFAULT") DW 2 / Contrib 2)

The greatest number of validation errors (i.e. "bad code") are generated by using search strings as URLs:

Merlot Arts Page

US Census Bureau Question & Answer Center (DW 3 / Contrib 3)

AccVerify Accessibility Errors and Warnings

AA-level (improperly nested header: AccVerify error (3.5) DW 5 /Contrib 5)

Left top: the width of this cell is set to 300 (pixels) rather than to a percent value. (AccVerify AA error (3.4) DW 6 / Contrib 6 ) Right top
Left Bottom Right bottom

1. This is the first item in my list.

2. this is the second item in my list.

3. this is the third item in my list Thiis is an empty link:.

4. Unfortunately, this is not coded as a list (AccVerify AA manual check: (3.6) DW 7 / Contrib 7 )

I've used blockquote tags to indent this paragraph, but it's not actually a quotation (not a good thing) (AccVerify AA manual check (3.7) DW 8 / Contrib 8)

"Avoid use of obsolete language features if possible." This is size +1 Georgia green font, created using the font tag. <Font> is a "deprecated" HTML element. (AccVerify AA warning (11.2) DW 9 / Contrib 9 )

"Create link phrases that make sense when read out of context.": You will get this error if you have an "empty" link on your page. (This is one version of AccVerify AA error (13.1) DW 10 / Contrib 10 )

When you use the same word to link to two different resources, you will get the error message "Do not use the same link phrase more than once when the links point to different URLs." (also AccVerify AA error (13.1) DW 10 / Contrib 10 ) :

You can look up periodical titles in the Library Catalog

Please consult our tutorial on using the Library Catalog

Please do not because screen readers
use a table read tables
to space out left to right
unmarked blocks of text top to bottom

(AccVerify AA manual check (5.3) DW 11 / Contrib 11 )

"Separate links with more than whitespace," which can occur. . .

if you string a number of links across a table like this

You will get the same error if you separate your links into paragraphs. (AccVerify AAA error (10.5) DW 13 / Contrib 13 )

The table above has no summary (nor does any other table on this page) (AccVerify AAA error (5.5) DW 14 / Contrib 14 )

This is a link that goes nowhere.

This is a link that might be timed out: ABI/Inform Dateline

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