Features of the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox

You can download and install the Web Developer Toolbar plugin here:

The Web Develoepr Toolbar will appear under the row of Links in your Firefox browser interface. If for some reason it does not appear, you can reveal it by selecting View > Toolbars > Web Developer Toolbar.
Web Developer Toolbar

Below are details on the some of the most helpful menus of the toolbar:


Since people can and do set their browsers to ignore style sheets, you should make sure your page is comprehensible without them. Select CSS > Disable Styles > All Styles to view your page without the style sheet. Reload the page to restore normal view.
Toolbar CSS menu


Images menu Images menu


Resize menuResize

The Resize tool lets you see how your page will look on higher and lower screen resolutions. The most common screen resolutions are 800 X 600 and 1024 X 768, so it is good to test both. (e.g. select Resize > 800 X 600). You can add more options by selecting Edit Resize Dimensions. . .


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