Create a Web Page in Contribute

NOTE: Each time you create a new page, or edit a previously published page, you may need to Enable your Connection. Until a page is published, it stays on your workstation as a draft. Drafts of pages you have not published, or published pages you are editing, are listed in the draft console on the left.

To create a new page:

  1. Click the New Page button (circled in the image below). A New Page dialog box will open.

    Home page, browser mode

  2. Open the Templates folder (left side of the pop-up window) and select the peoplepage template (this replaces the personal.dwt and teachpage.dwt templates).
    Creating a new page
  3. In the Page title box (circled above), replace <Enter Title> with the page title. This is not the name of the file, but rather name of the page as you wish it to appear in the upper edge of the browser window. Click OK.
  4. When the new template-based page opens, you will see areas outlined in blue called "editable regions" -- these are the parts of the template where you can freely insert and format text, images, links and other page elements. Ignore the extra white space and the thick black bar -- it's the way Contribute is rendering our dropdown menus.
    Template-based page
  5. The best way to enter content for a page is to type new text into the editable regions. If you want to copy and paste, the best way to avoid importing funky Microsoft Word or other formatting is to point to the top menu bar and select Edit > Paste Text Only.
  6. Format text and Insert images as desired.
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