Updating or Deleting a Published Web Page

Contribute Drafts and the Draft Console

While you are working on a page, it is called a draft. You can preview, Publish, Save, or Cancel a draft. See Previewing, Saving, and Publishing Your Page for more information.

The left-hand panel of the Contribute interface is called the Draft Console. It allows you to switch among different draft pages you may be working on and the Browser mode that allows you to browse to different pages in your folder and on other web sites. A draft you have saved for later will have a starred page icon next to it, and you can open it for editing by clicking once with your mouse.

Draft Console

Viewing and Editing a Published Page

To update a published web page, you must open it in draft mode for editing.

  1. Starting in Browser mode (see above), click the Choose button on the far right, browse your web folder (it's in the people subfolder), select a page and click Open. (TIP: You can get to your folder more quickly by clicking the "Up One level" icon next to the Look in box:)
    Up one Level button
  2. The page will appear in the main Contribute window. To edit it, click the Edit Page button.
  3. Edit as if it were a new page.
  4. You have to republish the page before the changes appear on the web. If you don't finish your revisions in one session, you can save the page for later by clicking the Save for Later button. Be careful not to open a draft, save it for later, then open a second draft of the same page when you return to Contribute.

Edit the Title of a Page

To edit the title (this is the information that appears in the upper-left edge of the browser window when the page is viewed by a user), select Format > Page Properties. Edit the text in the "Title" box and click OK.

Deleting Pages

To delete a page:

  1. Starting in Browser mode (see above) Click the Choose button and browse your web folder for the page you want to delete. Select it and click Open. The page will appear in browser mode in the main Contribute window.
  2. In the top menu bar, select File > Actions > Delete Page.

Template Updates

Periodically the web master may have to update the Templates, and the pages based on them. Although this will not affect the user-created content of the pages, you will be given notice when this is to occur.

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