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Requirements for Entering the University Library, Winter/Spring 2022

Beginning January 3, 2022, anyone can enter the University Library as follows:

  • As per University policy, anyone planning to come to campus to use the Library must take the daily student, employee, or visitor health screening survey for their own and the CSUN community’s health and safety, which includes receiving notifications of positive cases in the Library.
  • Special requirements for visitors: Immediately upon entering the Library, all visitors, which includes CSUN alumni, members of the Friends of the Library, people from other CSUs, community members, and the general public must stop at the Guest Services desk located on the main floor of the Library to show staff the email they received verifying their eligibility to come to campus after taking today’s visitor health screening survey. (Current students and employees, while required to take the daily health screening survey and in receipt of an email verifying their eligibility to come to campus do not have to stop at the Guest Services desk.) 
  • If unsure of your status or who can enter the Library, please contact Guest Services at (818) 677-2274 or

Policies while in the Library

As per University policy, anyone entering the Library must adhere to the following policies:

  • Wear acceptable face coverings (masks) at all times.
  • Food may be brought into the Library but must be taken outside to eat. However, it is ok to take quick sips of a beverage while inside the Library to minimize mask removal.
  • Users who cannot follow campus Health and Safety policies inside the Library are encouraged to study or access campus WiFi at tables and benches outside. See related campus services below.

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