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Celebrating Black History – Cultural Competence: 21st Century Consciousness

February 8, 2011 to March 23, 2011
Library Lobby

The exhibit commemorates the legacy of Black History Month and was created by CSUN students for what they describe as “our beautiful, multi-culturally diverse CSUN community.”

The exhibit highlights those parts of American History that are often overlooked, such as: Activism in Education, Activism in Street/Urban Poetry, teachings of Pan Africanist Intellectuals, the History of the Evolution of Black Hair, Blacks in Film Production, and the many Modern day Musical Geniuses who have shaped the culture, language, and style that exists in America today.

The exhibitors humbly invite you to ride with them on a journey through American History from a Black perspective.

Curated by Catherine Adaku Anyanwu (Chief Curator), Justin Marks, Jodi M. Murray, Terrence Stewart, Joshua Thompson