Oviatt Library Holiday Party -- 12 December 2007 at Marie Callender's

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name tags for the party  party committes  committe  mickey  
xmas tree  mickey 1  grand prize  nemo waterglobe

goody bags  table setup  table setup 1  mickey2  
xmas tree 1  angel  junglbook  resturant sitting area  
waiting getting to party  kd  kl  ak  
mf  sc and hb  pm  rg  
pw  ns  ra  mv  
jb  ma  da  ml  
ml1  mp  rg  mf  
mf ew  ew  fc  mo  
cf  lc  mh  dsj  
ds  ds gh  vc  jd  
ke  food line  food line 1  dp  
ap  plant  bm  mf1  
food line 2  food line 3  food line 4  food line 5  
food line 6  food line 7  food line 8  food line 9  
food line 10  food line 11  sm  sm1  
sm gina  yg  committe meeting  committe meeting 1  
playing game  playing game 1  playing game 2  playing game 3  
playing game 4  playing game 5  playing game 6  playing game 7  
playing game 8  playing game 9  playing game 10  playing game 11  
playing game 12  dh  sue's table  hb's table  
sd  tg's table  bg's table  ra's table  
mv's table  yg's table  cf's table  cv's table  
jd's table  vc's table  hh's table  ke's table  
mq's table  ve's table  ew's table  bm's talbe  
tv's table  lm's table  dl's table  eg's table  
who you can trust  rm's table  cg's table  sd's table  
ba  mo's table  dm's table  kg's table  
lc's table  dp ap sc  ap sc  mf's table 1  
kl's table  party opening  cheer  sc mm  
mm sc  bidding for prize  bidding for prize 1  bidding for prize 2  
bidding for prize 3  bidding for prize 10  bidding for prize 4  bidding for prize 5  
bidding for prize 6  bidding for prize 7  bidding for prize 8  bidding for prize 9  
bidding for prize 10  mm lm  lm mm  lm bidding king  
lm bidding king 1  lm bidding king 2  lm bidding king 3  lm bidding king 4  
lm bidding king 5  lm bidding king 6  lm bidding king 7  high five winner  
high five winner 1  prize winner cv  prize winner vs  prize winner kd  
prize winner ak  prize winner jg  prize winner jg 1  prize winner da  
prize winner da 1  prize winner sd  prize winner sd 1  prize winner bg  
prize winner bg 1  prize winner bg 2  prize winner ap  prize winner ap 1  
prize winner cg  where is the prize winner  prize winner cf  prize winner ds  
prize winner ml  prize winner judi  prize winner judi 1  prize winner mr  
prize winner mr 1  prize winner nd  prize winner nd 1  prize winner pm  
prize winner hh  prize winner jd  prize winner jd 1  prize winner ns  
prize winner ns 1  prize winner gs  prize winner cm  prize winner cm 1  
prize winner mq  prize winner sb  prize winner mv  prize winner mf  
prize winner kg  prize winner ew  grand prize winner bm  good time comes to end  
good time comes to end 1  go back to work 

Holiday Party Committee: Dean, Del, Gina, Grace, Margie, Nancy D., Veronica & Mickey

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