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Oviatt Library E-News: Oviatt Spotlight

Materials from Oviatt Library's Special Collections Exhibit Thumbnail

Oviatt Spotlight: Sources of Inquiry - Exploring the Foundations of Primary & Archival Research

Fall 2017

Discover Special Collections & Archives new Exhibition. Archivists and librarians at CSUN have been building primary and archival research collections for several decades to help students and other researchers discover and analyze critical information about our collective past. On display in the gallery are items selected from all parts of the holdings in Special Collections and Archives.


Refillable water bottle station in the Oviatt Library

Oviatt Spotlight: Quick. Clean. Green.

Spring 2017

Quick. Clean. Green. With the installation of a refillable water bottle station, the Oviatt Library is saving students money and sending a positive message about the important role that we all play in preserving the planet.

Student Reading in the Oviatt Library

Oviatt Spotlight: Marketing Award

Winter 2016

A bold call to action, an eye-catching design, and vibrant storytelling all come together to help the Oviatt Library’s new brochure win a 2016 Communicator Award.

The Oviatt’s newest brochure was created with a few very specific goals in mind: to connect with current and potential patrons; to engage new friends; and to promote the transformative impact of library resources, services, and programming.

Gondola in Venice, Italy

Oviatt Spotlight: Moving Library Research from Palm Trees to Gondolas

Fall 2016

From California to the canals of Venice, Italy, Oviatt librarians Ahmed Alwan and Joy Doan share their impactful research on Microaggressions & Academic Libraries, and discover some darn good noodles along the way.

Associate Dean, Kathy Dabbour

Oviatt Spotlight: Kathy Dabbour, Associate Dean

Spring 2016

The Oviatt Library’s newly appointed Associate Dean, Kathy Dabbour, is a true valley girl and CSUN alumna with a strong passion for student success and a long history of working to advance the library’s mission.

Laurie Borchard, Digital Learning Initiatives Librarian and Meet the Librarians of the Oviatt blogger, poses some candid questions to the Oviatt’s newly appointed Associate Dean Kathy Dabbour.

Thumbnail from Relocation Center Paper

Oviatt Spotlight: CSU Japanese American Digitization Project

Winter 2015

Through the CSU Japanese American Digitization Project, the National Parks Service grants funding that will help the Oviatt Library and some of its sister CSU libraries to archive significant historical treasures.

This three-year effort provides for the digitization and online access of approximately 10,000 documents from over 30 archival collections related to Japanese American incarceration during World War II and the resettlement.

Research Fellows Logo

Oviatt Spotlight: Research Fellows Program

Fall 2015

The Oviatt Library will partner with Academic Affairs to present the 7th Annual Research Fellows Colloquium, an event collaboratively conceived by the Library, the colleges, and former University Provost Harry Hellenbrand.

Jolene Koester Team Award 2014 for Learning Commons

Oviatt Spotlight: the Award-Winning Learning Commons

Summer 2015

After almost two years, CSUN students, campus administrators, and the surrounding community all agree that the Oviatt Library’s Learning Commons is an all-around award winner. On any given day during the semester, the open, bright, collaboration-friendly space is crowded and buzzing with a variety of activities. 

Bound Periodicals in Library Stacks

Oviatt Spotlight: Weeding

Spring 2015

With spring in full swing, we thought it an appropriate time to share some insights into the essential work that is involved in the ongoing care and cultivation of our Library garden.  It is difficult for librarians, book lovers that we are, to take part in a process that actually removes books from the shelves. Yet, as libraries are becoming more assessment driven and therefore more data driven, we are discovering that student requirements are changing.

Cat outside the Oviatt Library

Oviatt Spotlight: CSUN Cat People

Winter 2014

Squirrels aren’t the only wildlife living in the trees and shrubbery that surround the Oviatt. A small population of feral felines is lovingly cared for by the CSUN Cat People, a volunteer organization that also works to help educate the community.