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University Video Network (UVN)

Effective the end of Spring 2018, the UVN will no longer be available. Please see the Guide to Streaming Video at the Oviatt for information on alternative content for your instruction. You may also contact your Subject Specialist Librarian for assistance in requesting titles.


The University Video Network (UVN) delivers both university-specific television programs and selected commercial channels to specially-equipped classrooms throughout the CSUN campus. Of the total 94 channels on the network, 10 (channels 20.1-20.10) are managed and operated by Music & Media. These channels, as well as nearly 12,000 titles of instructional videos and DVDs from the Media Collection, may be reserved by faculty for classroom showings.

The UVN allows faculty to focus on instruction without the inconvenience of transporting the AV equipment back and forth or checking videos in and out of the Library. In the classroom, instructors have complete control over video playback -- including start, stop, fast forward and rewind -- using the classroom telephone (.doc with full instructions). If further assistance is called for, technical personnel are available during regular class hours at ext. 2688.

To schedule videos for UVN playback, contact Music & Media at (818) 677-2211 or submit the Multiple Booking Form by mail or fax (818-677-7167). Please call to verify receipt of faxed documents.