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Visitor Computer Access and Printing

The Learning Commons Technology (LCT) department will undergo a renovation of its interior and exterior structures this summer 2018. As a result, services such as Laptop and Tablet Checkout, Printing and Computer Support, and Visitor Pin Distribution will all be moved to the Library’s Guest Services department.

For more information about the LCT Renovation please visit The Transforming Library.

The Oviatt Library has set aside computers on the first floor of the library for community use. The Visitor/Student Computer Stations are located on the last row of PC computers in the Learning Commons Core workstations (next to the LC-8 to LC-11 collaborative study rooms).

However, priority is given to students, faculty, staff, and those using U.S. and California Government Depository materials when there are no other work stations.

How to use a Visitor Computer Station

  • Non-CSUN affiliated visitors can request a workstation by going to the Learning Commons Technology Office on the first floor of the library. 
  • Visitors must present a valid government-issued or school picture ID.
  • A Learning Commons Technology worker will assign a Visitor/Student Computer Station for each visitor and issue a temporary pin.
  • The Learning Commons Technology worker will then log onto the assigned Visitor/Student Computer Station. Once logged in, the visitor will type in their temporary pin to begin their 2-hour session.
  • Visitors and community users will be limited to 2 hours of workstation use in a 24 hour period.
  • CSUN students, faculty and staff may use a CSUN User ID and Password to log into these workstations and do not need to follow these steps.


The following software is loaded on the Windows public stations throughout the library: PC Software List (PDF)

Visitor Printing/Copying

Visitors using the Visitor/Student Computer Stations on the first floor of the library must print using a print/copy card. You can purchase a print/copy card at the card vending machine on the first floor next to the copy machines by Learning Commons Technology.

How to print:

  1. Press CTRL+P and select the VISITOR on OVIATT printer
  2. Click Print, then go to the Visitor Print Release Station adjacent to the visitor computer stations. 
  3. Insert your print/copy card at the release station to process and collect your print job. (Print jobs not release are automatically deleted after 30 minutes)
Printer Name Print Settings (cannot be changed) Visitor Print Cost


8 ½” x 11” paper size

Black and white



How to copy:

Photocopy machines are available on all floors of the Library. All utilize a value-added print/copy card, and some offer cash/coin operation. Copies are 10 cents each with a print/copy card and 20 cents each with cash/coin.


Use of Library computers is subject to the University Policy for Use of Computing Resources.

Need Help?

To request visitor computing access please visit the Learning Commons Technology office on the first floor of the library.

To report computer, printing, or copying problems please visit the Learning Commons Technology office, or call 818-677-6304.