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Presentation Room User Agreement

Permitted Uses

The Presentation Room should be utilized for academic purposes. An example might be the Department of Linguistics bringing in a special speaker, whose talk will be open to all faculty, staff and students on campus, and in some cases open to the general community as well.

The Presentation Room may also be occasionally utilized for some administrative uses. Priority will be given to events or meetings that focus on the entire campus, not just one department, division, or College.

To avoid Section 603.7 violations, no activities connected with political elections should be held in the Presentation Room.

For profit events CANNOT be held in the Presentation Room unless first approved by both The University Corporation (for licensing purposes) and the Library Dean. Please note, additional charges or fees may apply, please contact Licensing office for The University Corporation for additional information.

Social events are generally not allowed.

The Dean of the University Library is the final arbiter if a conflict arises in determining appropriate usage of the Ferman Presentation Room.

Technical Support

The Library is unable to provide technical support for your program. It is recommended that arrangements be made to bring your own technical support person to assist, especially with computer hardware and software issues.


Light refreshments are permitted. There is a small kitchenette attached to the room. Please utilize table in the kitchen and the countertops to serve beverages to avoid spills on the carpet.

Clean Up

If you use the Presentation Room you are responsible for leaving the room clean and in the original configuration. There is no charge or fee for the use of this room. However, we do require you clean up immediately after you are finished in the room. Failure to leave a clean room or any defacement caused to the room and its furnishings are sufficient grounds for denial of future use of the room.


Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all library users requires that respect must be given to maintain the quiet within the University Library. The Presentation Room doors may need to be kept closed during an event to avoid disturbing others.

When selecting your start and end times, please take into consideration preparation time before the event, and the necessary clean up time following the event.