Step 5: Reflect

Your goal in this step is to evaluate your completed product and the process you used to create the product.

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“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”
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~ John Powell
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How did you do? How can you improve next time?

Consider your assignment and the product you created and ask yourself:

Step 1: Select Your Topic

  • Is the completed product exactly what you were assigned to do?
  • Did you do adequate preliminary research on your topic?
  • Did you formulate a compelling thesis?

Step 2: Locate and Retrieve

  • Did you use sources in a variety of formats?
  • Did you ask a librarian for assistance in finding information?
  • Did you use carefully selected keywords to search for your information?

Step 3: Read, Evaluate, and Organize

  • Did you evaluate the credibility and purpose of your resources?
  • Did you use a reliable system to record your information?
  • Did you adequately answer your original question or prove your hypothesis?
  • Did you support your thesis with authoritative sources?
  • Did you build on your understanding of the subject?
  • What new information did you learn or create about your topic?

Step 4: Create

  • Has your work been carefully reviewed and edited?
  • Is your work complete? Is it neat?
  • Does it include a Works Cited or References page?
  • Are your sources credited in the proper format?

Step 5: Reflect

  • Would you be proud for anyone to view your work?
  • Which of the previous steps did you do best?
  • What have you learned from this process?
  • How can you improve next time?


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