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Lab Printing at the Oviatt

Printing & Photocopying


CSUN students, faculty and staff can print through Lab Printing @ CSUN. Lab Printing @ CSUN is available in the following areas:

  • Learning Commons, Main Floor Core and West Wing
  • Library Labs A, B and C
  • Reserves, Periodicals & Microform

How do I print?

  1. Send your document or file to a printer from a Library desktop, or your laptop or mobile device.
  2. Go to the Release Station next to the printer to process and collect your print job.

How do I pay?

Enrolled CSUN students are given $10 Free Student Print Funds at the beginning of the semester. If you spend all these funds, you can go to an Account Station adjacent to the printer at any location to add value to your Debit/Credit Card Funds using Cashnet. Printing prices are listed on How to use Lab Printing @ CSUN in the Library.

Wireless Printing

Students, faculty and staff can print to all Library Lab printers from wireless devices through PrinterOn.

  • To print from a tablet or smartphone, download the PrinterOn App (more information at http://www.printeron.com/apps.html).  Use the word "Northridge" to search the PrinterOn app for Library printers.  Three library printers are listed in the app (see app screenshot):
    • California State Uni Northridge lib-ww-p2-color -- release your job from the color printer in the Library West Wing during open hours
    • California State Uni Northridge  lib-lc-p1-bw -- release your job from any of the black and white lab printers in the Library during open hours
  • To print from a laptop, use the Wireless Lab Printing @ CSUN portal.
  • For information on printer locations, please see How to use Lab Printing @ CSUN in the Library (PDF)
  • File types supported: MS Word, MS Office, MS PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TXT, OpenOffice formats.

More information:


Visitors using the Visitor Stations in the core areas of Floors 2, 3 and 4 can print using a copy/print debit card at the printer on Floor 3, adjacent to the Visitor Stations. Find out more about Computer Access for Visitors.


Photocopying requires a copy/print debit card.

To purchase a copy/print debit card:

  • Cards may be purchased from the card vending machines in the following locations:
    • Learning Commons in the Learning Commons Technology Office
    • Third Floor Core (adjacent to the Visitor Stations)
  • Insert $1 bill to purchase a new card; the card purchase includes 5 copies. Follow the instructions on the machine to add value to the card in $1, $5, $10 and $20 increments (maximum value $30).
  • Change for card vending machines is available from the Library Fines window, next to the elevator near the Circulation Service Desk.

Copy Machines

​Photocopy machines are available on all floors of the Library. All utilize a value-added copy/print card, and some offer coin operation. Copies are 10 cents each.

Need Help?

Problems should be reported to the Learning Commons Technology, or by calling 818-677-6304.

Scanning and faxing is currently unavailable in the Library, but is available at QuickCopies and Reprographics, in the Matador Bookstore Complex.

(LIBRARY STAFF ONLY: Lab Printing Incident Report Form)