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Congratulations to our Raffle Winner

Dean Mark Stover, Associate Dean Marianne Afifi and Raffle Winner Karla ItzepSeen here with University Library Dean Mark Stover and Associate Dean Marianne Afifi is CSUN student Karla Itzep who shared the good news of our new Learning Commons on Facebook and won the Library's promotional raffle. Karla is a senior majoring in Sociology with an option in Criminology.

Communication to Students - April 15, 2013

Welcome back from Spring Break!

If you’ve visited the University Library recently, you may have noticed that change is in the air. Have you heard about our exciting renovation plans? Over the summer we’re going to be transforming our Reference Room on the first floor into a Learning Commons! Construction in certain areas will start in April and May and we should be up and running by the start of the Fall Semester.

Communication to University Faculty & Staff: April 02, 2013

The coming months are going to be very exciting at the University Library. As you may remember, we sent a letter out to you back in August 2012, detailing how the University Library is scheduled to undergo some substantial renovations to its first floor in order to build our highly anticipated Learning Commons.

Communication to University Faculty - RIS Collection Plan: August 29, 2012

The University Library Faculty has been informed by Dean Mark Stover and Provost Harry Hellenbrand that there is a good probability that we will be making some substantial renovations and programmatic changes to the Library in the upcoming years. The first anticipated change will affect the first floor of the Library, which we are planning to convert to a learning commons environment.

Communication to University Faculty: July 03, 2012

I wanted to take a moment to update you on some of the changes that are being planned for the University Library.

We are very busy gearing up for a renovation project that will align the University Library with current trends in academic libraries by transforming our space from a book-centered to a learning-centered environment.  During Phase One of the project we will build a “Learning Commons” that will be located on the first floor of the University Library.