Natalie Holtzman, Alumna

I wouldn’t be anything without it (education).  When I see a person and they tell me, “Hh, I can’t go to school because…”  You know, just go, because I want everybody to be educated.  I just– I adore people being able to think.  They think– they think that they’re going to really learn something and it’s going to make them be something and do something.  That’s not what it’s about.  It’s about learning how to learn.  It’s opening up the doors and showing you where to go to get the learning that you need, so that you can develop the thing that you want.  So that you can get the thing that you want.  So that you can think about the thing that you want.  I promote that constantly, I’ve never lost that.  I have a great love for knowing everything there is to know.

I was on the campus newspaper, and I advise everybody to do at least one semester on the campus newspaper.  I advise my grandchildren.  One semester is all you have to do, because you will get to know everybody and everything about how the school works, and that’s what I adored about being on the paper.  I was on the Pierce [College] paper also, and I was on the paper here [the Sundial].  I was on the magazine [Scene Magazine] and the magazine we put out. . .  I believe was either the first in the country, or at least the first for CSUN, that was dedicated totally 100% to women, and it was at the height of the latest women’s movement, because the women’s movement never stops.  It’s ongoing.