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The Library Prepares to Welcome New Students

Matty the Matador in front of LibraryThe new academic year is quickly approaching and everyone it seems is preparing to welcome our new in-coming freshmen in particular. The Oviatt also has many special activities planned for new students within the next several weeks. As in past years, the Library is grateful to be included in the Office of Student Development’s coordinated Service Fair. We’ll have a strong presence at these promotional booths this year as well. Our librarians will be on hand at a dozen of these events to answer questions and distribute Library information. Many giveaway items such as pens, notepads and highlighters will be available to new students. We hope this opportunity to meet and interact with us will help to ease the transition from high school to our campus and Library. The Service Fair days, hours and locations vary but many run within the next several weeks between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. inside the Matador Bookstore Complex. Stop by to see us if you have the time and say hi even if you are not a first-time freshman.

Within the upcoming weeks, the Library will also be hosting our annual Ask Us! Booths. During the first two days of the new semester we’ll be situated for several hours each day on the west side of the Library along Magnolia Walk. Library staff and faculty will be on hand to provide directional information to those new to campus. We’ll also answer other campus and Library related questions that can sometimes arise while rushing to navigate a new academic schedule. So look for us there as well!

- Coleen Martin