Elizabeth Altman, Web Services Coordinator, ScholarWorks Project Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and mainten web services
  • Manage CSUN ScholarWorks Projects
  • Serve as liaison with CSU Systemwide Library Services
  • Manage library technology support services
  • Monitor accessibility of web resources
  • Design workflow for processing images and documents for digital collections
  • Assist faculty & staff with web-page authoring software (NEW! Creating/Managing Content in Drupal)

Professional Interests

  • Syndicated content
  • User-customized web services
  • Web-based interactive learning tools
  • Online archives: EAD Project

Resources for Creating Web Materials

Documentation for Oviatt Faculty & Staff (Due for REVISION!)

More Information

See my Web Authoring Resources page

InfoWorld Online (CSUN users only)

AltKey codes for Windows Special Characters (MSWord)

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