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Library Web Analytics with GA4

Recently the University Library shifted from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager.  We are not tracking user demographics but we are tracking user interaction with the site.  What do you want to know?  Email me at

Menu link Tracking

Using Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager you can track the number of clicks on any link with a specific css class,  This is the result of one week of tracking the Global menu on the Library website.  We also know what page they were clicked on.

The table below shows the top 10 clicks from the global menu in March 2023, and the 3 pages on which they were most frequently selected.

Menu Link tracking 3/1/2023-3/31/2023
Menu Link Parent Menu Total clicks From #1 From #2 From #3
OneSearch Home Find Resources 790 Homepage Find Resources Overview Tutorials: Course Resources
Find Resources Overview Find Resources 328 Homepage Find Resources Overview Research Assistance Overview
Subject Specialists Ask a Librarian OR Research Assistance 208 Homepage Ask a Librarian Research Assistance Overview
Ask Us Ask a Librarian 147 Homepage Find Resources Overview Ask a Librarian
Contact Us About 133 Homepage About the Library Overview Contact Us
Research Assistance Overview Research Assistance 128 Homepage Research Assistance Overview Services Overview
Special Collections & Archives Collections 99 Homepage Special Collections & Archives Collections Overview
Creative Maker Studio Services 95 Homepage Printing Borrow, Renew, Return
Services Overview Services 91 Homepage Find Resources Overview Services Overview
Collections Overview Collections 66 Homepage Research Assistance Overview Collections Overview

Top Pages for March 2023