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The University Library’s Learning Commons is now open for limited study space and computer/printing access.

The CSUN University Library is pleased to provide limited individual study space and computer/printing access on the Library’s main floor to current CSUN students only, while the Library otherwise remains closed.

Prior to entering the Library, students will need to reserve an individual study space or computer station using the LibCal reservation system.

CSUN students, faculty and staff can print through Lab Printing @ CSUN. Lab Printing @ CSUN is available on all public computer stations in the University library.

PLEASE NOTE: Double-sided printing is the default print mode. For single-sided printing you must manually adjust the print properties to single-sided before you release your print job. There is an additional charge per page for single-sided printing (please see the “Print Prices” chart below).

How to Print

1. Log on to any public computer station in the University library
2. Press CTRL + P (CMD + P for Mac) and select a printer (see chart below)

Printer Name Print Type Printer Location


Library Black-White Printer (Mac)

Black and White

1st Floor Core and West Wing


Library Color Printer (Mac)


1st Floor West Wing


Black and White

4th Floor East Wing

3. (Optional) Change paper size or printing mode

Default Print Settings Other Print Options

8 ½” x 11” paper size

11” x 17” paper size

Double sided printer

Single sided printing

4. Click Print, then go to a Print Release Station next to your selected printed to process and collect your print job (see printer locations in chart above)

How to Pay

Enrolled CSUN students are given $10 Student Print Funds at the beginning of the semester. If you spend all your student print funds, you can go to an Account Station to add value using Cashnet. Account stations are adjacent to each printer. You must use a Debit/Credit Card to add printing funds.

Print Prices

Print Mode 8 ½” x 11” Paper Size 11” x 17” Paper Size

Black and white, Double-sided



Black and white, Single-sided



Color, Double-sided



Color, Single-sided $0.25 $0.50

Wireless Printing

Students, faculty and staff can print to all Library Lab printers from wireless devices through PrinterOn.

Tablet or Smartphone

Download the PrinterOn App (more information at Use the word "Northridge" to search the PrinterOn app for Library printers. Two library printers are listed in the app (see app screenshot)


Go to the Wireless Lab Printing @ CSUN website. Sign in with your CSUN Portal login to print.

  • File types supported: MS Word, MS Office, MS PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TXT, OpenOffice formats.
Printer Name How to Release

California State Uni Northridge


Go to any Black and White Print Release Station

in the Library during open hours

California State Uni Northridge


Go to the Color Print Release Station

on the 1st Floor West Wing during open hours

Printing Problems

If you encounter any printing issues please submit a support request form at You can also get support from the Library Technology Services office on the 1st floor or by calling 818-677-6304.

More Information

Need Help?

Problems should be reported to the Library Technology Services office, or by calling 818-677-6304.