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About this Federal Depository library

The University Library is a selective depository for federal and state government publications, all of which are found in OneSearch, for both tangible (print and microfiche) and electronic (links to online resources).

Starting Points

  • Search OneSearch by author, title, subject, or keyword to find U.S. and California government depository publications available from the University Library, whether online, print, or microformat. Also includes non-depository publications from local and international agencies.
  • University Library Map Collection houses maps from several government agencies and is open to the public.
  • The United States government's official web portal. Also provides links to relevant state and local government websites.

Federal Government

  • Catalog of U.S. Government Publications to identify U.S. government documents 1976 to present available in tangible format in Federal Depository libraries and/or online.
  • CyberCemetary is a joint project of the GPO and UNT to archive  government websites that have ceased operation (usually websites of defunct government agencies and commissions that have issued a final report).
  • GovInfo Official Federal Government information, including the text of federal bills, Congressional Record, the Federal Register, and other legal sources.
  • GPO MetaLib simultaneously searches multiple government databases.

State of California

Local Governments

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