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Borrowing & Renewal Rules

General circulating materials (excluding laptops and other electronic equipment) may be checked out at Guest Services, Teacher Curriculum Center (TCC), Music & Media.  Loan periods for most circulating items are as follows:

  • Students: 16 weeks (while registered or continuing students at CSUN)
  • Faculty and staff: 365 days (while employed at CSUN)

Loan periods for other items vary:

CSUN students, faculty and staff must always present a current CSUN I.D. card to check out materials.  

  • Undergraduates, Graduates and Staff may check out an unlimited amount of items from the main collection.  Other collections and areas may have other loan restrictions.  Each item from the main collection can be renewed once.
  • Students may not check out unbound periodicals.

See Faculty Borrowing Privileges for circulation policies applying to CSUN faculty.

Friends, Alumni, visitors and other courtesy card holders may have 10 items checked out at one time. Each item may be renewed once.

See Fines and Fees for related fee information.


To help guests find a study environment with a noise level that is most conducive to their needs, the OVIATT LIBRARY has TWO NOISE POLICIES: QUIET and COLLABORATIVE, based on location, which are described as follows:


Collaborative Quiet Level

The following areas are zoned as collaborative noise spaces: 3rd Floor, 2nd Floor Core, Library Exhibit Gallery*, Group Study Rooms (Floors 1 - 4), Learning Commons*, 1st Floor (all areas), Ferman Presentation Room*, Map Collection Reading Room (OV 26)

*noise level may vary due to service desks and occasional events

  • Please be considerate of others and use a conversational "indoor" tone of voice.
  • No party atmosphere, yelling, or shouting.
  • Cell phone ringer set to vibrate.
  • Use headphones with personal media.


Quiet Level

The following areas are zoned as quiet noise spaces: 4th Floor, RPM (Reserves, Periodicals, and Microforms), Music & Media, Gohstand Reading Room, and Graduate Study Rooms

*noise levels will vary near corridors, service desks, or due to occasional library sponsored events / presentations in adjacent areas.

  • Quiet places for individual study.
  • Cell phone ringers set to silent or off.
  • Headphones set to low volume.
  • Reasonable non-verbal noise OK.

Overall Noise Policy

Please keep in mind that the Library Wing areas on all floors may have varying noise policies of their own. Anyone transitioning to and from the wings should be mindful and keep noise levels to a minimum.

To help contain noise, please keep group study room doors closed while in use. All noise should be kept to a minimum when transitioning in and out of study rooms, in all Library corridors and hallways, and when moving between levels.

In general, we encourage patrons to be respectful of other Library guests at all times.

To report a disturbance, please text Guest Services at (818) 900-2965, or call (818) 677-2274

Cell Phone Use

In order to provide a quiet place to work and study, the Library building has designated certain rules related to cell phone usage. We appreciate everyone's cooperation by adhering to the following procedures:

  • Before making or receiving phone calls, Library guests should move to one of the designated COLLABORATIVE LEVELS, into a STAIRWELL, or LEAVE THE BUILDING.
  • Please remember to keep valuables with you at all times.

Photography & Filming

For spontaneous, casual video recording and photography in the Library, patrons must get permission from Library Administration 3rd Floor, West Wing or from the people being photographed/recorded. For class assignments that require videotaping or photography, and for larger noncommercial projects, patrons must get permission from the Library Administration by submitting the Student Film Request Form. To obtain permission for commercial projects, please contact University Licensing; for media requests, please contact CSUN Media Relations.

Food, Beverages, Tobacco & Marijuana

Food and drink are permitted in the Library, except for the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room and Gohstand Reading Room. Please be considerate and clean up after yourself by using the trash and/or recycling bins, and cleaning up any small spills. Report large spills to the Guest Services desk as soon as possible.

Smoking of any kind (including vapor or electronic cigarettes) and/or using other tobacco products is prohibited (See University Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Policy). CSUN employees and students are required to maintain a drug-free workplace. Therefore, using illegal drugs, legal recreational drugs (including marijuana products), medical marijuana if smoked/inhaled, and alcohol is prohibited in the Library. Persons not complying with these rules may be asked to leave.


The Oviatt Library is a public place and as such is open to the Campus Community and to the general public. We recommend that students familiarize themselves with security and safety information on the campus. While in the Library, please do not leave your belongings such as laptops, purses, backpacks and other valuables unattended, even for a minute.

The Oviatt Library is not responsible for stolen items. However, if you find that a theft has occurred, please go to Guest Services in the Lobby on the first floor. Library staff can assist you in calling Campus Police. We recommend that students read the brochure "Staying Safe on Campus" (PDF).

Tours of Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives in the Oviatt Library underwent major renovations from 2015-17. Some areas of the newly-renovated space can only be entered by Oviatt Library employees. Other CSUN employees can request special tours under the following conditions:

  • Tour requests must be submitted to the Head of Special Collections and Archives at least two business days prior to the desired tour date.
  • Tour groups must consist of three or fewer people.
  • Those requesting tours must provide a justification.

Groups that come to the department without meeting the above conditions, or without being notified their request has been approved will only be permitted to enter the Special Collections & Archives Reading Room.

Gift of Library Materials Policy

Adopted as of September 2017. Replaces Gift Book Policy of November 20, 2013.

The Oviatt Library has greatly appreciated and received a wide range of material gifts in support of the teaching and research mission of the university. However, due to space and resources constraints, and the increasing availability of electronic resources, the Oviatt Library has revised its acceptance of library materials.

The Oviatt Library has imposed a moratorium on the acceptance of library materials for the general collection.

For inquiry and questions, please contact Chris Bulock (, Collection Development Coordinator

For donations to the Friends of the Library, see