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Visitor Computer Access

The University Library has set aside computers on the first floor of the library for community use. The Visitor/Student Computer Stations are located on the last row of PC computers in the Learning Commons Core workstations (next to the LC-8 to LC-11 collaborative study rooms). However, priority is given to students, faculty, staff, and those using U.S. and California Government Depository materials when there are no other work stations.

Visitor computers are only available to request during Library Technology Services desk hours.

Please note that visitor stations are not connected to the campus' printing system. As of January 3, 2022 visitor printing and photocopying is no longer available inside the Library. Visitors are welcome to use theScannX self-serve scanning stations located on the main floor, core. Additionally, QuickCopies and Reprographics(link is external) now located in the PPM Logistical Services Building, Lot C6 has printing and copying services available to visitors through their online store

Note: During busy times, CSUN students, faculty, staff, and any user needing access to government documents have priority access to visitor computer stations and scanners.

How to use a Visitor Computer Station

  • Non-CSUN affiliated visitors can request a workstation by going to the Library Technology Services desk on the main floor of the Library.
  • Visitors must present a valid government-issued or school picture ID.
  • A Library Technology Services worker will assign a Visitor/Student Computer Station for each visitor.
  • The Library Technology Services worker will then log onto the assigned Visitor/Student Computer Station to begin the 2-hour session.
  • Visitors and community users will be limited to 2 hours of workstation use in a 24 hour period.
  • CSUN students, faculty and staff may use a CSUN User ID and Password to log into these workstations and do not need to follow these steps.


The following software is loaded on the Windows public stations throughout the library: PC Software List (PDF)


All users of the University Library are expected to follow its Policies and adhere to its Code of Conduct.

Use of Library computers is subject to the University Policy for Use of Computing Resources.

Need Help?

To request visitor computing access please visit the Library Technology Services desk on the main floor of the Library.

To report computer problems please visit the Library Technology Services desk, or call 818-677-6304.