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Find Things To Do Online this Summer!

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Hello Matadors! Looking for additional ways to spend your time this summer? Would you like to get involved in a community, but you’re not sure how to do it? If so, here are some ways you can participate, and you can do it online. You may have tech skills, a love of animals, or simply want to work with others in making a difference. Depending upon your particular interests, the following opportunities may be for you or even a family member. Here are some ways to contribute, volunteer, and connect with people in a virtual environment.

Penguin Watch : Count penguins from your house

Instant Wild: Tag different species in photos

Zooniverse: People-powered research projects

Missing Maps: COVID-19 Projects Do the tutorial first, then the project

StoriiCare: Storytime between a child and an isolated senior

CHD living: Adopt a Grandparent

Be My Eyes: Assist someone who is blind or has low-vision

Smithsonian Transcription Center: Help make collections accessible and there are more of these types of projects.

U.S. Digital Response: For those with tech or design skills

Foster an animal from a shelter: LA Animal Services Not in the Los Angeles area? Check out the foster program at your local animal shelter.

– Jennie Quiñónez-Skinner