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Research Therapy Takes on the Annotated Bibliography

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t’s that time of the semester – papers and other types of research are being assigned. Today we explore a research assignment you might not be familiar with: the annotated bibliography.

Annotations – More Information

Need a little more guidance on what to include in your annotation? The following table provides examples of descriptive and evaluative information you can include in your annotation. You can include both types of information in your annotation.

Descriptive vs. Evaluative Annotations
Descriptive Evaluative
Main focus or purpose of work Usefulness or relevance to your research topic
Background and credibility of the author Evaluation of the work (logic of arguments, quality of evidence, etc.)
Intended audience for the work Conclusions or observations reached by you
Special features of the work that were unique or helpful (graphs, charts, etc.) Relationship to other works on the topic or in the field
Conclusions or osbservations reached by the author

The Oviatt Library also has sample annotated bibliographies (MLA and APA) and citation guides (MLA or APA) available to help you. We also carry the Chicago Manual of Style online.

-Danielle Skaggs