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Find Out How the Oviatt’s New Noise Policies Work

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To help all of you Matadors find a study environment with a noise level that is most conducive to your needs, the OVIATT LIBRARY has TWO NOISE POLICIES: QUIET and COLLABORATIVE, based on location, which are described as follows:


people talking

The following areas are zoned as collaborative noise spaces: 3rdFloor, 2nd Floor Core, Library Exhibit Gallery*, Group Study Rooms (Floors 1 – 4), Learning Commons*, 1st Floor (all areas), Ferman Presentation Room*

*noise level may vary due to service desks and occasional events

  • Please be considerate of others and use a conversational “indoor” tone of voice.
  • No party atmosphere, yelling, or shouting.
  • Cell phone ringer set to vibrate.
  • Use headphones with personal media


person not talking

The following areas are zoned as quiet noise spaces: 4th Floor, RPM (Reserves, Periodicals, and Microforms), Music & Media, Gohstand Reading Room, and Graduate Study Rooms

*noise levels will vary near corridors, service desks, or due to occasional library sponsored events / presentations in adjacent areas.

  • Quiet places for individual study.
  • Cell phone ringers set to silent or off.
  • Headphones set to low volume.
  • Reasonable non-verbal noise OK.

Overall Noise Policy

Please keep in mind that the Library Wing areas on all floors may have varying noise policies of their own. Anyone transitioning to and from the wings should be mindful and keep noise levels to a minimum.

To help contain noise, please keep group study room doors closed while in use. All noise should be kept to a minimum when transitioning in and out of study rooms, in all Library corridors and hallways, and when moving between levels.

In general, we encourage patrons to be respectful of other Library guests at all times.

To report a disturbance, please text Guest Services at (818) 900-2965, or call (818) 677-2274