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Peek in the Stacks: igra

Women in Classical Guitar

When you think of the guitar many images and words associated with the instrument might come into mind, such as romance, passion, captivation, and love. Now, who do you picture playing this captivating, romantic and passionate instrument? Most likely, you would think of men because through time famous guitarists have been mostly men. This is especially true in the field of classical guitar...

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Segovia in the Sundial

As most California State University, Northridge (CSUN) faculty and students know, the Sundial is CSUN’s student newspaper. The Sundial was first published by Associated Students in February 1957. The Oviatt Library has catalogued the Sundial in its entirety and many issues are available online through the Oviatt’s Digital Library. Over the years, the Sundial has reported on...

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June Renovation Update

This summer, Special Collections and Archives is beginning a two phase renovation project. We'll be posting monthly updates here about the the project throughout the summer. When both phases are complete, Special Collections and Archives will have a new, environmentally controlled and secure closed stacks area for our rare books, artifacts, and archival collections ....

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Love and Friendship in the Archives

This week’s blog is inspired by Valentine’s Day. In the United States, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th, and traditionally involves the giving and receiving of cards, gifts, or flowers, the reciting of poems, the singing of songs, or similar expressions of love and friendship. While we don't usually equate Special Collections and Archives with Valentine's Day, keep reading...you might be surpised!

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John Tanno Collection

 The John Tanno Collection holds 1,246 Lp's, primarily consisting of recordings of classical and flamenco guitar works. The collection includes recordings of classical guitar icon Andres Segovia performing music by J.S. Bach, Manuel Maria Ponce, and Fernando Sor, including his EMI Recordings 1927-1939, An Evening with Segovia, and The Castles of Spain. Julian Bream is both a classical guitar performer and lutenist, and this collection ...

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The Crescendo

The International Guitar Research Archives (IGRA) holds some of the earliest articles ever published about the classical guitar, dating back to 1908. One of IGRA’s most noteworthy publications is The Crescendo: A Monthly Publication Devoted to the Interests of the Harp, Mandolin, Guitar, and Banjo, and Kindred Instruments. This monthly magazine was produced by the American Guild ....

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Lectures in the Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Collection

The Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Collection consists primarily of scores and correspondence, which may cause some of its smaller parts to go unnoticed by researchers. One of these interesting parts is a small series of lectures concentrating on the guitar's history, pedagogy, and even some of Vahdah's philosophy.  These lectures outline many of her ideas on music and the guitar...

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Season's Greetings!

As the semester winds down across campus, enjoy some holiday-themed materials from our rare book, manuscript, and archival collections.  From the rare book collections are several holiday-themed works, including 1844 and 1899 editions of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, as well as a work from Special Collections' Children's Books Collection, The Birds' Christmas Carol, about a young girl born on Christmas Day who plans a holiday ...

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