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General Inquiries

Please contact us with questions or comments about our website, collections, exhibits, or anything else. Inquiries should be directed to:

     E-mail: asksca@csun.edu
     Phone: (818) 677-4594


Mailing Address

     Special Collections & Archives
     University Library
     California State University Northridge
     18111 Nordhoff Street
     Northridge, CA 91330-8326

Department Personnel

Carri Frola Archivist, Urban Archives carri.frola@csun.edu (818) 677-3285
Mallory Furnier Special Collections & Archives Librarian mallory.furnier@csun.edu (818) 677-2706
Jenny Galipo Processing Archivist jennifer.galipo@csun.edu (818) 677-4277
Julieta Garcia Archivist, International Guitar Research Archives julieta.garcia@csun.edu (818) 677-7633
Robert Gohstand Director, Old China Hands Archives robert.gohstand@csun.edu (818) 677-4137
Ellen Jarosz Head, Special Collections & Archives ellen.jarosz@csun.edu (818) 677-2597
Beth Peattie Archivist, Tom & Ethel Bradley Center Archives elizabeth.peattie@csun.edu (818) 677-2793
Keith Rice Historian/Archivist, Tom & Ethel Bradley Center sherwin.rice@csun.edu (818) 677-3037
David Sigler Reading Room Supervisor david.sigler@csun.edu (818) 677-5706