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University Library Dean Mark Stover

Message from the Dean: A New Chapter - Reflecting on Transitions

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

The great British playwright Tom Stoppard once said, “Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” This axiom is a bit of a cliché, but it is also in many ways profound. There are so many exits in our lives these days that when a big one comes, like a retirement, one tends to forget that, yes, another door will open soon.

Alohie Tadesse

We Would Like You to Meet: Alohie Tadesse

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

Alohie Tadesse started a new chapter as the Digital Collections Specialist at the CSUN University Library in the fall of 2023. What a perfect place to work, considering her continuous passion for libraries

Jillian and Jessica Ceedhumrug Group Study Room Dedication Plaque

Thanks & Recognition: Celebrating Generosity: The Levy Family's Enduring Commitment to Education

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

In the bustling heart of California's San Fernando Valley, amid the vibrant tapestry of culture and community, lies a home deeply entrenched in the spirit of giving back. Israel Levy and Nadine Soo Hoo Levy, pillars of the San Fernando Valley, have long championed the cause of education, nurturing a legacy of learning that spans generations.

Study pod in the Quiet Study Lounge at CSUN's University Library

Spotlight: Building a Quiet Study Lounge

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

The goal of the University Library’s Quiet Study Lounge as advertised is, “a tranquil place for individual study.” With proper selection of furniture that discourages conversation and allows for a single student to focus on their studies, that goal will continue to be realized.

CSUN University Library - CSUN Pave the Way

What’s New: Pave the Way – Secure Your Legacy at CSUN

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

You can mark your legacy within the CSUN community by having your name or message engraved on a paving stone in the South Portico.Your contribution will support innovative Library programs along with funds for the Alumni Association Student Scholarships fund, and create a lasting tribute for both current and future generations of the CSUN Community. By being an inaugural donor to this initiative you are acknowledging the central role of the University Library in nurturing student achievement over the past five decades and leaving a lasting legacy in tribute to this landmark institution.

Featured: University Library of the Future

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

When you imagine the academic library of the future, perhaps in 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years, what comes to mind? Everything digitized, no more print? Help provided by AI services from your phone or digital displays throughout the library? Books and other physical resources delivered to your home by drones? Massive open spaces filled with flexible study furniture, technology, media equipment, and crafting supplies to make “things,” recreational and leisure spaces, including a café? Or, all-digital libraries with the empty buildings converted into classrooms, dorms, or office space?

CSUN University Library Dean Mark Stover

Message from the Dean - Golden Pages: Celebrating 50 Years of the CSUN University Library

eNews Edition: Fall 2023

As we usher in the Fall semester, we have much more to celebrate than the changing weather and the promise of a new academic year. This season marks a monumental milestone: the 50th Anniversary of the completion of the magnificent CSUN University Library building in October 1973, originally known as the Oviatt Library. For half a century, our Library has served as the intellectual hub of our campus, a sanctuary of learning, and a facilitator for community engagement. This is not merely a testament to longevity; it's an affirmation of the vital role the CSUN Library has played in shaping minds, nurturing scholars, and enriching the broader community.

Gabriel Castañeda

We Would Like You to Meet: Gabriel Castañeda

eNews Edition: Fall 2023

He is more than a friendly, familiar face on the front lines of the University Library, but also a charismatic leader with a passion for training and developing student employees to provide memorable customer service. As a champion of the Library, Gabriel Castañeda has dedicated twenty years to the intellectual heart of the campus, starting as a student assistant to becoming a pivotal staff member as the Guest Services Lead.

Book with pages folded into a heart shape.

Thanks & Recognition: Library Student Employee Scholarship Donor Appreciation

eNews Edition: Fall 2023

Contributed by Gina Flores

The University Library was honored and overjoyed to present thirty awards to distinguished student employees at the 8th Annual University Library Student Employee Scholarship Reception in March 2023. As one of the largest employers of student assistants on campus, the Library takes great pride in fostering valuable student work experience and creating a supportive learning environment. One of the exciting benefits students love about working here is the opportunity to earn a scholarship – and sometimes, more than one!

Display case with ads, photos and culinary books.

Spotlight: Eating the Archives

eNews Edition: Fall 2023

The latest exhibit from Special Collections & Archives, “Eating the Archives” opened in August 2023. The exhibit explores the way food-related archival materials “preserve community memories while reflecting and engaging with broader societal issues related to identity, representation, and daily lived experiences.”