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Robert and Maureen Gohstand

What's Up: Robert and Maureen Gohstand Leisure Reading Room

eNews Edition: Fall 2014

In the bustling Library, amidst the ongoing pedagogical buzz, the upcoming dedication of the newly named and handsomely appointed Robert and Maureen Gohstand Leisure Reading Room will offer an opportunity to reflect on the importance of reading for fun.  

Securing a dedicated space for leisure reading in the Oviatt Library has been a longtime objective for Robert (Bob) Gohstand.

Innovation Sparks Imagination in the New, Student-Funded Creative Media Studio

eNews Edition: Fall 2014

The most recent addition to the Library’s immensely popular Learning Commons is a technology-rich workspace that provides students with the support and resources they need to create state-of-the-art, media-rich projects and presentations.

The Learning Commons’ Creative Media Studio (CMS) opened recently thanks to Campus Quality Fee funding awarded to the Library. The CMS provides students with access to specialized hardware, software and support in order to create videos, digital audio recordings, and robust multimedia projects.

Dean Mark Stover

Message from the Dean: Stewarding Beauty and Strength

eNews Edition: Summer 2014

Maya Angelou, the great American poet and civil rights activist who passed away earlier this year, said that parents should teach “young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” 

In this issue of the Oviatt Library eNews you will see that there is indeed beauty and strength among the individuals, young and old, who serve CSUN students through the resources, services, and facilities of the Oviatt Library.

Tony Ivankovic

We Would Like You to Meet: Tony Ivankovic

eNews Edition: Summer 2014

When the Oviatt Library and the National Center on Deafness (NCOD) set out to find someone who could help to better serve the needs of CSUN students who use the NCOD Library, all signs clearly pointed to Anthony Ivankovic.  The newly created NCOD Library Coordinator position will supervise the NCOD Library in Chisolm Hall and work part of the time in Guest Services at the Oviatt. Anthony Ivankovic officially started work as the NCOD Library Coordinator in the Oviatt Library on May 21, but he is no stranger to the Library or to CSUN.  

Vern Bullough

Thanks & Recognition: Vern Bullough

eNews Edition: Summer 2014

It was a lucky day for our library when Vern Bullough, a young history professor from Utah, joined the faculty of what was then San Fernando Valley State College in 1959. Vern Bullough and his wife Bonnie met in high school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and were married barely out of their teens. The Bulloughs were together for nearly 50 years and had four children.

Oviatt Library Student Employees

Oviatt Spotlight: Student Employees 2014

eNews Edition: Summer 2014

We have long suspected that the Oviatt’s dynamic mix of student employees represent the very best and brightest that CSUN has to offer and – as it just so happens – our students agree.

The Oviatt employs approximately 150 CSUN students at any given time.  This large and essential component of the Library’s workforce consists of a remarkable cross-section of the university’s highly diverse student population. Library student employees come from across the street and from around the world.

What's Up: The Transforming Library

eNews Edition: Summer 2014

Completion of the hugely popular new Learning Commons was an extraordinary achievement, but that was only the first successful step in a multiphase project that will continue the Library’s extensive, 21st century transformation.

One year ago, in the summer of 2013, the Oviatt clearly outlined an ambitious new vision for the Library’s future. The introduction of this comprehensive Vision-Strategy Statement opens with the following: “Society at large and higher education in particular are in the midst of revolutionary changes in information flow and approaches to learning. In response, the Oviatt Library has embarked on a number of initiatives that will transform the face of our facility and our services.” 

Featured: Universal Design Center

eNews Edition: Summer 2014

Ensuring that campus technologies are accessible to everyone is a shared California State University responsibility. To assist CSUN in that charge, we are fortunate to have in residence the diligent and highly skilled team working in the Universal Design Center (UDC).  Housed in an unassuming nook on the Oviatt Library’s Garden Level, the staff of the Universal Design Center (UDC) works to ensure that the campus web environment is usable and accessible to everyone.  The key underlying principle of universal design is that all individuals, regardless of disability, should have access to information.

Dean Mark Stover

A Message from the Dean: Building Upon the Power of Partnership

eNews Edition: Spring 2014

John F. Kennedy once said that “partnership is more than a sharing of power,” and he was right.  Partnership brings together allies who, once combined, form much more than the sum of their individual parts. 

Good partners create new ways of seeing the world and new kinds of initiatives.  Creative partners look beyond the mundane and see a vision for a fruitful future.  Productive partners put aside individual differences, pool resources, and work together for the good of the whole.

David Morck

We Would Like You to Meet: David Morck

eNews Edition: Spring 2014

What would be the result if you combined a highly skilled web programmer and a uniquely gifted poet? Our guess would be the Library’s very own multi-talented David Morck of course.

Long before considering a college career, David Morck already had developed a keen interest in technology and deep appreciation of language. David was born in Pasadena, California and raised in a household with a father who was an engineer and a mother who held advanced degrees in both English and psychology, so David had the importance of education instilled in him very early.