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Sex in the Library

eNews Edition: Spring 2014

An event like no other.

The Oviatt Library is partnering with Gender and Women’s Studies, Queer Studies and The Pride Center to create a week-long series of lectures and presentations titled Sex in the Library: Scholarship, Exploration, and Intersectionality in the Archives.

Dean Mark Stover

Message from the Dean: Regarding a Philanthropic Ecosystem

eNews Edition: Winter 2013

At this time of year, our hearts and minds often turn to giving.  Why is this so?  Some might posit that we think of gifts during this season because the fall and winter holidays often celebrated in the United States -- such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas -- bring with them the spirit of giving. 

Others (perhaps the more cynical among us) believe that giving in December has more to do with the end-of-year tax benefits. Regardless the time of year, my own view is that most of us give because we are giving back.

Librarian Michael Barrett

We Would Like you to Meet: Michael Barrett

eNews Edition: Winter 2013

In the season and spirit of giving, we would like to introduce Michael Barrett, a member of the Oviatt family whose very presence has been an inspirational gift to the entire CSUN community for the last four decades.  Michael Barrett was born in Bakersfield, California, where he was raised on his family’s farm. After high school, he began his path into higher education close to home at Bakersfield College.

Dean Mark Stover and Chinese Consulate Jian Liu

Thanks & Recognition: Chinese Consulate

eNews Edition: Winter 2013

A generous gift of learning resources from the Chinese Consulate to the Oviatt Library is reflective of a well-established partnership that exemplifies CSUN’s expanding role in the internationalization of higher education. Last summer Professor Justine Su, Director of CSUN’s China Institute, helped to facilitate the donation of more than 2,000 textbooks, CDs, DVDs, and various other interactive learning materials to the Oviatt Library.

Picture of a person using an iPad

Oviatt Spotlight: Learning Commons Technology

eNews Edition: Winter 2013

Side by side Learning Commons Technology and Information Technology bring a variety of new and existing support services for students and faculty to one convenient and centrally located space.  The recently opened Learning Commons is home to a wide range of technology-based support services. And while many of these services were available in the Library’s former layout, they were not always readily apparent or easily accessible. The new, welcoming, open concept design of the Oviatt’s first floor has changed all of that.

The Oviatt Library with a Spiral Shaped Clock

What's Up: Glancing Back and Looking Ahead

eNews Edition: Winter 2013

A brief summary of last year’s vibrant programming schedule, and a quick glimpse of next year’s event calendar, clearly illustrates why the Oviatt Library continues to stand proudly and steadfast at the bustling crossroads of CSUN’s rich and diverse pedagogical landscape.  As 2013 comes to a close, it is a fitting time to reflect on some of the diverse and wide-reaching events that have taken place in the Library over the past year.

Featured: Rare, Robust and Renovation Ready

eNews Edition: Winter 2013

With an ever-increasing number of resource materials, new modes of access, and an expanding physical footprint the Oviatt Library’s Special Collections and Archives is more visible and vibrant than ever.

Oviatt Library Dean Mark Stover

Message from the Dean: Expanded Views and a Focused Vision

eNews Edition: Fall 2013

When entering the newly renovated Library lobby, the visual changes are nothing short of stunning. When standing just inside the front doors on the south-facing structure, patrons now encounter unobstructed sightlines to the long wall of glass windows on the north side of the building. This newly opened view to the outside gives visitors a sense that the massive edifice that they just entered is somehow miraculously floating just above them. 

As the Oviatt looks toward a future that will undoubtedly bring with it new challenges in how information resources are managed and kept easily accessible, this expanded view will be nice and attractive. What will be necessary, however, is a clearly focused vision.

Picture of Sarah Sayeed

We Would Like You to Meet: Sarah Sayeed

eNews Edition: Fall 2013

Originally from Orange County, Sarah began to work at the Oviatt Library in November 2012 after completing her Bachelor of Architecture at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. While pursuing her degree, Sarah worked as a Learning Commons Assistant in Cal Poly’s Robert E. Kennedy Library, as well as a Computer Lab Assistant and in the Architecture Department. Her experiences in the library eventually helped Sarah to select library design as the basis for her senior thesis project.

Picture of Marianne Afifi

Thanks and Recognition: Marianne Afifi

eNews Edition: Fall 2013

Associate Dean of the Oviatt Library Marianne Afifi is required to wear a variety of hats. Now, after overseeing months of construction in the new Learning Commons, a hardhat is included. On the long list of responsibilities that fall under the purview of the Oviatt Library’s Associate Dean Marianne Afifi are things like day-to-day operations, emergency planning, departmental oversight, strategic planning, and development.