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Library Spotlight: Online Resources and Books by Mail: The University Library's Response to COVID-19

eNews Edition: Spring 2021

As CSUN began rapidly moving on-campus instruction to virtual modalities in response to the COVID-19 virus in March 2020, the University Library faced many challenges, including how to continue to provide resources and services to support student learning and faculty pedagogy and research while Library staff and faculty were required to telecommute. Early on, the Library’s millions of electronic articles, e-books, streaming media titles, digitized archival and scholarly materials, and online research and support services proved invaluable to supporting these needs.

Crane on Aisle 5 with New Vertical & Horizontal Motor, Resistors, and Optical Modem

What's New: The Hidden Treasure of the AS/RS

eNews Edition: Spring 2021

The AS/RS, an electronic bin-based storage and retrieval system, was installed in the Library as part of a building expansion in 1989. First of its kind, the AS/RS occupies a 3-story section of the Library’s east wing, and contains 13,260 steel bins moved around 6 aisles by computer-driven warehouse-style cranes.

But more than books are stored in AS/RS: a substantial number of the 800,000 items from the main collection are periodicals frequently requested by patrons at other libraries through InterLibrary Loan. Additionally, 30,000 valuable Special Collections & Archives items are kept in dedicated bins.

Featured Article: Los Angeles: On Film and On Record - The Library’s First Virtual Exhibit

eNews Edition: Spring 2021

For its first all-virtual exhibition, the Special Collections & Archives department presents, Los Angeles: On Film and On Record, now through July 30, 2021, which examines a selection of popular films that feature Los Angeles in the storyline and/or setting, and using film clips and digital images of archival and other primary sources, compares their vision to the documentary record of the “real” Los Angeles. Since opening August 22, 2020, the exhibit has had over 3,000 views. In keeping with its virtual genre and the Library’s support of student learning, the exhibit includes links to podcasts created by English students focusing on specific films in the exhibit for their final research assignment in their Honors Seminar class.

Dean Mark Stover

Message from the Dean: One True Thing

eNews Edition: Fall 2020

As I write these words, the sky in Northridge has become dark and ominous from distant fires, perhaps symbolic of the fear and uncertainty that lies beneath the surface for many of us during these challenging days. The spring 2020 pandemic and the early summer societal upheaval surrounding our country’s social justice reckoning have caused many of us to seek out that “one true thing” that can anchor us to solid ground and give us more meaning in our jobs and our personal lives.

Hai-Ling Tang

We Would Like you to Meet: Hai-Ling Tang, Web and Digital Support Specialist

eNews Edition: Fall 2020

Besides admiring the work ethic, loyalty, and longevity of long-term Library employees, it’s always a good idea to capture their experiences to create a living history of the major changes that have happened in American academic libraries over the years. Hai-Ling Tang, currently the Web & Digital Support Specialist in the Collection Access Management Services department, has worked for the CSUN Library since 1980 and has been a part of its rapid technological changes.

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Thanks & Recognition: Library Scholarship Students Share Heartfelt Gratitude with Donors

eNews Edition: Fall 2020

We are proud to announce the 2020 Library Student Employee Scholarship recipients. Thanks to continued donor support, we were able to provide over $25,000 in scholarships to deserving student assistants. The heartfelt appreciation expressed by the awardees demonstrates the priceless sentimental value and powerful impact of this honor.

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Oviatt Spotlight: Special Thanks to our Library Student Employees

eNews Edition: Fall 2020

Contributed by Gina Flores

The CSUN Library, fondly known as the heart of the campus, is tremendously thankful for the amazing student workforce dedicated to supporting our operation during the 2019/2020 academic year. Not only did our student employees make use of the Library's resources themselves, but they also helped to make these resources available to their fellow students, staff, faculty, and community members.

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What's New: Documenting COVID-19 at CSUN

eNews Edition: Fall 2020

As of October 2020, the CSUN community has been working and learning remotely for seven months, as has much of California, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on in this period, University Archives, a unit within the Library’s Special Collections & Archives launched the Documenting COVID-19 project in an effort to collect expressions of Matadors’ experience during this crisis and preserve them for future generations. Project Archivist April Feldman talked with us about the endeavor.

Featured Article: Reflections of a Virtual Librarian

eNews Edition: Fall 2020

Librarian Liz Cheney was ready and responsive to a quick adaptation when the CSUN Library closed the building under pandemic guidelines in March 2020. She thoughtfully shared her perspective on the transition to serving the CSUN community virtually.

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Thanks & Recognition: Recent Retirees

eNews Edition: Spring 2020

In December, four longstanding employees of the Oviatt Library bid farewell to embark on their next chapter: retirement. As integral members of our team with memorable comradery and collaboration along the way, these members of our team are surely missed!