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We Would Like you to Meet: Scholarship Recipients and Donors

eNews Edition: Fall 2018

Contributed by Library Student Assistant Sam Thacker

For the past six years, the Oviatt Library is proud to have awarded some of its hard-working student employees with generous scholarships, funded by Library donors and employees. Just this past year, twenty-six scholarships were awarded at the 3rd Annual Scholarship Awards Reception in March.

2018 Oviatt Library Scholarship Recipients
2018 Oviatt Library Scholarship Recipients

We would like to take time to appreciate our Library donors, who range from single donors and organizations to combined scholarships, such as the Library Employee Scholarship, which is donated by Library staff, faculty and administration. Some donors are retired from the Library, some are current employees, some are just good friends to the Library; what they all recognize is that our student employees are the life-blood of the Library, who enable all who work and study in the Library to use the space and resources effectively. Student employees participate in a range of complex jobs in order to support the wide spectrum of services that are offered at the Oviatt Library.

The scholarships help to eliminate some of the financial burden of higher education, and also provide recognition for the efforts of Student Assistants and their dedication to the Library. Debbie Salazar, one of the recipients of the Gus and Erika Manders Scholarship, said that “Being awarded a scholarship was such a blessing and humbling experience; I am eternally grateful.”

Library student employees are spread across several different departments and sections, all focusing on various administrative and archival aspects to help keep the library running smoothly – these include Special Collections and Archives; Research, Instruction, and Outreach Services; Teacher Curriculum Center/Music and Media; Reserves, Periodicals and Microform; Library Administration; and Library Systems. Joyclyn Dunham, both a Scholarship Reception Committee member and a Library Employees Scholarship donor this year, said that “[She] knows how much good it can do, especially not knowing the home life of students. A lot of times there is very little income, perhaps just enough to get by… My small contribution, along with others, helps to make a big difference by contributing a little bit”.

Over the years we have covered many of our generous donors and all of the other wonderful people who donate their time, talent or money to make amazing things happen at the Oviatt Library. Everything from enabling our talented student assistants to pursue their goals, to exciting new services, programs and events that enhance not just the Library, but the community and beyond.  You can see many of them featured in our Thanks & Recognition articles throughout the years.

This year the fund awarded scholarships to 26 hardworking library student assistants to apply to their continuing studies at CSUN. If you treasured your college years, pay it forward! In the Online Giving Form, select Oviatt Library Scholarship Fund under “Designation.”

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Here is a list of our talented Student Assistants that won Scholarships this year.


2018 Oviatt Library Scholarships
Scholarship Awarded Recipient(s)
Ardis Flenniken Scholarship Maryann Erilim
Dr. Karin J. Duran Scholarship (sponsored by Rick Nupoll) Samantha Ceja and Eduardo Chavez
Virginia Elwood Scholarship Joyce Brummet
Friends of the Library Scholarship Belinda Figueroa and Inderdeep Kaur
Mary and James Cleary International Scholarship (Sponsored by the University Women’s Club) Francesca Perticarini
Lois and Ralph Prator Scholarship (Sponsored by the University Women’s Club) Abelardo Lopez, Danielle Medina and Leonard Moreno
Marianne Afifi Scholarship Pilar de Haro
Gus and Erika Manders Scholarship Diana Polanco, David Priore and Debbie Salazar
Dr. Bonita J. Campbell WISE Scholarship Ruby Antosh and Lucila Broughton
Library Employee Scholarship Sam Thacker, Kamilia Torres, Dennis Villa
Ann and David Perkins Scholarship Valerie Abboud, Michelle Castaneda, Marissa Duran, Melissa Duran, Andrew Gomez-Ramirez and Valentina Sanchez Gonzalez
Mary and James Cleary Endowment Scholarship Ninsina Yadkar