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Joy Picus

We Would Like You to Meet: Joy Picus

Spring 2017

Our Special Collections and Archives offers a Peek in the Stacks where you can meet former Los Angeles City Council Member, Ms. Magazine’s 1986 Woman of the Year, and all-around San Fernando Valley mover and shaker, Joy Picus.

Marilee Wheaton

We Would Like You to Meet: Marilee Wheaton

Winter 2016

An insightful conversation with CSUN alumna and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) board member, Marilee Wheaton, about her career, her family, Barbie fashion, and what it was like to receive the Oviatt Library’s 2016 Volunteer Service Award.

Timothy Chu

We Would Like You to Meet: Timothy Chu

Fall 2016

Oviatt Cataloging Coordinator, Luiz Mendes, highlights the value of Library internships when he introduces readers to his former MLIS student and recent Librarians Legacy Intern, Timothy Chu.

Darryl Hood

We Would Like you to Meet: Darryl Hood

Spring 2016

Three, two, one, action! What was once a childhood dream has become an everyday reality for author, award winning broadcast journalist, and former Oviatt Library student assistant Darryl Hood. 

Hood personifies the old story of hard work leading to success. Even before graduating from CSUN with a degree in journalism in 1996, he began his career as a reporter for the Orange County News channel.

Nimilolu Fafowora

We Would Like you to Meet: Nimilolu Fafowora

Winter 2015

A casual and candid conversation with the Oviatt Library’s first Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) intern, the very ambitious and endlessly busy Nimilolu Fafowora.

Rita Streimer

We Would Like You to Meet: Rita Streimer

Fall 2015

The Oviatt joins with CSUN’s Alumni Association to honor Rita Streimer, a dedicated and invaluable Library volunteer whose connection to the campus and surrounding community spans more than half a century.

Raul Buenfil

We Would Like You to Meet: Raul Buenfil

Summer 2015

In spite of all the challenges, Library student assistant Raul Buenfil works with admirable persistence and creativity to turn his passion for music into a unique and beautifully inspiring composition for success. 

Luiz Mendes

We Would Like You to Meet: Luiz Mendes

Spring 2015

CSUN alumnus, award winning educator, Oviatt Library Cataloging Coordinator, and Brasileiro, Luiz Mendes, talks openly about his passion for information organization, and his love of teaching.

Luann Rocha

We Would Like You to Meet: Luann Rocha

Winter 2014

The Oviatt’s new Director of Development, Luann Rocha, has traveled a diverse and inspiring career path; one that in many ways has come full-circle. Now, fortunately for us, that path has led her back to the Library.

Librarian Del Williams

We Would Like you to Meet: Del Williams

Fall 2014

Acquisitions Librarian Del Williams is one of three new faculty members starting in Collection Access and Management Services (CAMS) this fall. A lifetime of rich experience and her deep roots in the CSUN community make Del an ideal addition. 

Del Williams arrived at CSUN in fall 1982 as a brand new freshman, and she immediately got a job shelving books as a student assistant in Library Circulation.