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We Would Like you to Meet: Lora Rosman

eNews Edition: Spring 2018

Part of the Oviatt Library eNews Spotlight on Student Assistants

Oviatt Library Student Assistant Lora Rosman
Oviatt Library Student Assistant Lora Rosman

Tell us about yourself. Who is Lora Rosman?

I am a graduating senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in American Indian Studies. I have been working in the Interlibrary Loan Department (ILL) at the Oviatt Library for three years. Current CSUN students, faculty and staff come to us if the item they need is not available in the Oviatt. I have many duties and responsibilities as a Class III Student Assistant Supervisor, but the main function of my job is to receive books and articles from other schools to make them available to our patrons. I also mail our books and articles to other libraries that would like to borrow them. In addition, I train new students. A fun fact about me is that I am Native American, African American, and Caucasian. I also love to sing and listen to music as much as I can!

How does the Oviatt Library support your creative projects?

The Oviatt Library has supported my creative projects by giving me access to various books and articles for research. OneSearch, the new library cataloging system, has been a great help for me whenever I need to conduct research for an assignment. It allows you to customize your search results and has also broadened its search to other CSU collections, which has been very helpful!

What’s your favorite place in the Library?

My favorite place in the library is in the Learning Commons area.

What advice would you give to a new CSUN student about the Oviatt Library’s resources?

I would tell a new CSUN student to take advantage of Interlibrary Loan! Throughout my years at CSUN I have noticed my peers buy textbooks for a class when they could have submitted a request through ILL. I have hardly spent much money on books for school because I get them for free through Interlibrary Loan. I would also tell a new CSUN student to take advantage of the Creative Media Studio because they are always advancing with new technologies that promote creativity and collaboration amongst the students which can be helpful for future projects!

Photo by Tim Bochen

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