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What’s New: Interactive Group Study Rooms

eNews Edition: Spring 2023

Interactive display study room, featuring two tables with four chairs each
Interactive display study room, featuring two tables with four chairs each.

Contributed by Gina Flores

New technology is blooming in the Library this spring! Two new interactive group study rooms, each equipped with a 75-inch ViewSonic touch-screen 4k display, allow students to collaborate in many ways. The display features 20-point touch to allow multiple users to write or draw on the display with a stylus. The slot-in PC gives students the ability to log in to access web browsing and the webcam can be used for Zoom meetings. Screen mirroring using Ditto lets users mirror up to four personal devices to the display, with a handy user guide included.

Agatha Santos, a senior majoring in Public Health, was eager to share her experience:

“In February, I utilized the interactive group study rooms with the group members from my internship class. We used the display to revise our presentation, highlight points, and gather data for our research project using Adobe Acrobat. We also used Microsoft Excel to view and edit the data we found. It was great because we were able to draw on the board and play music! Playing low-fi, relaxing music helps me study so I played this through the display’s speakers and it really helped all of us focus and brainstorm ideas for our project. I love how innovative the room is. It’s super spacious with a lot of chairs and the large display makes it super easy to navigate.”

Located on the Second Floor of the University Library in rooms UL 224 and UL 225, the interactive study spaces are also ideal for small group meetings, interviews, or small presentations. Each study room features two round tables and chairs to accommodate up to 8 students at a time. Students may book up to a maximum of 3-hours per day, 12 hours per week. Group study rooms are available and dedicated for use by current CSUN students (2 or more) with a email address and valid CSUN ID for collaborative study and group projects.

The Library’s services have continued to evolve, and popular spaces such as the Creative Maker Studio give students the opportunity to explore new technologies and acquire fresh skills, from 3D printing to vinyl cutting, sewing, audio recording, and video production.

Interactive, collaborative study spaces in the Library maximize teamwork in the digital age for CSUN students as they achieve their academic goals and emerge into the workforce.