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We Would Like You to Meet: Alohie Tadesse

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

Contributed by Gina Flores

Alohie Tadesse
Digital Collections Specialist Alohie Tadesse

Alohie Tadesse started a new chapter as the Digital Collections Specialist at the CSUN University Library in the fall of 2023. What a perfect place to work, considering her continuous passion for libraries. In her formative years, Alohie discovered the local library as the place to learn about the world and expand her knowledge. This fascination was gainfully employed in college from library student research and collections positions, to volunteering and interning in amazing places, such as the Sherman Grinberg Film Library and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

Born in Los Angeles, Alohie moved around a lot growing up between Las Vegas and Nashville. Alohie returned to California for higher education, where she pursued a double major at UC Berkeley, earning a BA in Film and Media Studies and Linguistics. And she didn’t stop there. In 2023, Alohie achieved a Master's of Information & Library Sciences at UCLA, with specializations in Media Archival Studies and Librarianship. 

“Enamored” is the word Alohie chose to describe her feeling about university film studies and media theory classes. Media as a way of encapsulating memories and storytelling truly struck a chord. As an avid consumer of art, film, movies, and books, Alohie believes the combined experiences as an immersed student were a constellation guiding her towards a career in preserving history. Looking back on so many experiences, Alohie’s first library job working in the UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library left a powerful impression showing her how libraries and archives can grow from underrepresented communities’ desire to see its stories and knowledge safeguarded for future generations. 

Speaking of impressions, what Alohie loves about the CSUN Library is the sense of community among students and employees alike. In comparison to her time at two different UC campuses with multiple libraries throughout, she appreciates the CSUN Library as one grand and very approachable place for students, with so many resources under one roof. Getting acclimated as a new employee was a very pleasant experience for Alohie. She encountered warm and welcoming employees and felt an immediate sense of belonging.

Alohie offers this valuable advice to CSUN students, “If there is anything you are remotely curious about, professionally or academically or creatively, give it a shot. I think a lot of the time young people close themselves off from new experiences or gaining a new skill because we can’t bear the thought of failing at it or doing it poorly. But in reality, there very few instances where people instantly excel the first time they try something. It takes bravery and humility to suck at something new, but the rewards of eventually getting better at a new skill are completely worth it.”

On the leisure side, Alohie loves hiking - especially when she’s rewarded with a view of the ocean at the end! She also enjoys photography, collaging and craft projects, going to see a film, and karaoke. The Jorge Luis Borges quote, “Plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers” resonates with Alohie. It reminds her that, “Our happiness and well-being are ultimately our own responsibility, and that acceptance and validation need to come from within first.”

While she’s primarily behind the scenes working on the Library’s vast digital collections, Alohie’s specialized experience and passion contribute to the preservation of the University Library’s most valuable resources for generations to come.