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What’s New: Pave the Way – Secure Your Legacy at CSUN

eNews Edition: Spring 2024

Contributed by David Morck

50 Years Forward

As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CSUN’s University Library, we can’t help but be proud of our past accomplishments, recent improvements and enhanced services to better serve our campus and community. One of our recent upgrades was to the South Portico of the Library, which sits before the entrance of the Library, just up from our grand staircase. If you would like to know more about our recent improvements and the Portico Project, please check out our What’s New Article from the Library eNews’ last issue.

However, as our 50th anniversary motto says “50 Years Forward,” we are keeping an eye to the future and how we can continue to improve. In this issue of the eNews we speculate on the future, what are the possibilities, and how we can include the campus and community in our journey.

Become a Part of History

CSUN pave the way

Nestled at the heart of campus, the University Library stands as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. With unique architectural charm and a wide array of services for students, staff, faculty and community we are so humbled to be able to provide so many resources to those who seek out our support and spaces.

With the newly installed paver tiles, upgraded railings and a captivating addition of programmable colored LED lights, visitors can immerse themselves in the panoramic view of the CSUN campus from our beautifully renovated space.

The Library continues to be thankful to all of those who support our needs and operations. Whether it be volunteers, donors or partners across campus we work with to bring you meaningful events, exhibitions and memorable ceremonies, we are always looking for others that believe in the same Mission, Vision and Values we hold dear.

You can mark your legacy within the CSUN community by having your name or message engraved on a paving stone in the South Portico. Your contribution will support innovative Library programs, funds for the Alumni Assocation Student Scholarships fund, and create a lasting tribute for both current and future generations of the CSUN Community. By being an inaugural donor to this initiative you are acknowledging the central role of the University Library in nurturing student achievement over the past five decades and leaving a lasting legacy in tribute to this landmark institution.

How to Contribute

Whether you're celebrating personal achievements, demonstrating loyalty, or honoring cherished Matadors, seize this opportunity to leave a lasting mark on CSUN's history.

Paver Dimensions: 24" x 24"

Cost: $5,000*

Final Payment Deadline: September 30 (*Payments available in full or installments)

Once your initial payment is received, our team will reach out to personalize your inscription. Installations will commence in early 2025.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to another 50 years!

Donate to our Paver Campaign