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Oviatt Library eNews Summer 2015

Combating the Rising Cost of Education

The Oviatt Library, the campus community, and the Chancellor’s Office are working together to create innovative Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) for CSUN students. CSUN's local initiative will be launching over the summer to promote and support the use of Open Educational Resources, textbook rental, low-cost faculty-authored texts, and other programs.

Special Collections Manuscript

What's Up: Special Collections & Archives Expansion

The Oviatt Library continues its exciting transformation with a sleek and much-needed expansion of the Special Collections and Archives stacks, offices, and reading room. Phase One will bring Special Collections & Archives materials closer for the convenience of students and researchers.

Jolene Koester Team Award 2014 for Learning Commons

Oviatt Spotlight: the Award-Winning Learning Commons

After almost two years, CSUN students, campus administrators, and the surrounding community all agree that the Oviatt Library’s Learning Commons is an all-around award winner. On any given day during the semester, the open, bright, collaboration-friendly space is crowded and buzzing with a variety of activities. 

Virginia Elwood-Akers

Thanks & Recognition: Virginia Elwood-Akers

Kindhearted, talented, and outspoken Librarian Emeritus Virginia Elwood-Akers has always had plenty to say and much to give. For that, and so much more, we would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude. 

Raul Buenfil

We Would Like You to Meet: Raul Buenfil

In spite of all the challenges, Library student assistant Raul Buenfil works with admirable persistence and creativity to turn his passion for music into a unique and beautifully inspiring composition for success. 

Mark Stover, Oviatt Library Dean

Message from the Dean: a Commitment to the Dream

Almost everyone agrees that higher education should be more affordable, especially for those who can afford it the least.  Perhaps Bill Clinton said it most succinctly:  “When we make college more affordable, we make the American dream more achievable.” 

But how do we expand our access to more and more students and provide them with better tools while at the same time keeping the costs of a university education at reasonable levels?  We need to embrace expansion, growth, and new technologies, but how do we do this without raising costs and limiting access to people in the state, regardless of economic challenge, who desire a college education?