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Copyright Advance. Oviatt Library.

What's Up: Copyright Advance

Spring 2014

Everyone who produces or uses digital media and research is touched by copyright law.  Although the subject sometimes provokes apprehension in both faculty and students, our upcoming workshop will help to alleviate much of that scholarly anxiety.

Copyright concerns and fair use best practices will be front and center at the upcoming workshop, Copyright Advance: Evolving Perspectives for Empowered Scholars coordinated by the Oviatt Library Copyright Team and CSUN Faculty Development.   The workshop is bringing noted pioneers in the field of copyright and fair use to campus, and is geared toward faculty at CSUN.

The Oviatt Library with a Spiral Shaped Clock

What's Up: Glancing Back and Looking Ahead

Winter 2013

A brief summary of last year’s vibrant programming schedule, and a quick glimpse of next year’s event calendar, clearly illustrates why the Oviatt Library continues to stand proudly and steadfast at the bustling crossroads of CSUN’s rich and diverse pedagogical landscape.  As 2013 comes to a close, it is a fitting time to reflect on some of the diverse and wide-reaching events that have taken place in the Library over the past year.

In Protest Icon

What's Up: "In Protest" Exhibition

Fall 2013

From the Library’s vast archives, a carefully assembled array of unique items has been brought together to form the Oviatt’s provocative new yearlong exhibit, “In Protest: Shifting Paradigms and Collective Social Action.”

Protest actions-- in the form of boycotts, demonstrations, riots, property destruction, occupations, labor strikes, local activism, or works of art -- have spanned the political spectrum, defined generations, and shaped our uniquely American identity.

Share the Commons Experience Logo

What's Up: Marketing Transformation

Summer 2013

When asked about the Learning Commons marketing slogan, ‘Share the Commons Experience,’ librarian Coleen Martin explains, “A Commons Experience refers to something that is accessible and identifiable to everyone. It’s a fun play on words thought up by one of our creative librarians.” Martin goes on to say that the catch phrase is meant to illustrate how the Library, through its current physical renovation as well as its ongoing technological advancements, continues to integrate and make available an ever-growing list of academic support services and resources.

Revolution of Knowledge Event Flyer Thumbnail

What's Up: Revolution of Knowledge Symposium

Spring 2013

In the wake of a digital revolution that has radically transformed the creation, distribution, and consumption of knowledge, the Oviatt Library and Academic Affairs will present a daylong symposium that will examine the unique challenges and exciting opportunities that currently exist for universities and libraries.

Strange and Fantastic Exhibition

What's Up: Fantastic and Strange

Winter 2012

Science fiction literature, one of the most popular and entertaining genres in modern fiction, has been read and loved by children and adults for decades. From the earliest pulp publications to modern masterpieces, science fiction short stories and novels have often functioned as a lens through which we express our sense of wonder, marvel at the possibilities of new technologies, and engage in our wildest imaginings.