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Queertonal: Exploring the Lives of Queer Musicians Through Time

April 2, 2018 to May 19, 2018
Music & Media

Queertonal highlights the diminished but important narratives of Queer and Trans musicians across multiple eras and genres of music. Inspired by coursework in the Departments of Music and Queer Studies, this exhibit gives a brief overview of musicians from Tchaikovsky and Poulenc to Elton John and Ricky Martin. What is the connection between sexuality and creativity? What are challenges unique to Queer-identifying musicians and composers?

With sources drawn almost entirely from the Oviatt’s collections, Queertonal starts a conversation about the intersections of music, gender, and sexuality. Visitors will learn about musicians’ personal stories and histories and discover where to learn more via databases, books, scores, and other Oviatt Library materials. Organized and curated by graduating student David Osorio-Vera, Queertonal is an opportunity to listen to music differently.

Visitor Information

Parking is $8.00. For more information about parking please see Visitor Information.

To arrange assistance for persons with disabilities, including interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing persons, please call (818) 677-2638 in advance of the event.