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WISE presents: Watching the Earth Breathe

November 15, 2014 - 11:30am to 2:30pm
Jack & Florence Ferman Presentation Room and Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium

WISEly Watching the Earth Breathe

Contributed by Jim Parker

In a recent survey of over 2,200 peer reviewed articles on climate change, authored by over 9,000 scientists and published from November 2012 to December 2013, only one article, by a single author, denied man-made global warming. Though many of the nation's industrial leaders now accept the scientific consensus of man-made warming, one of the nation’s major political parties sides with the one outlier study, as do some corporate entities, hence any national action to relieve global peril is at a standstill. Read Full Article. (.pdf)

The Oviatt Library and the Bonita J. Campbell Endowment for Women in Science and Engineering present

Watching the Earth Breathe

All are welcome to join us for a stellar afternoon and a light lunch as we explore what NASA-JPL and other researchers in astrophysics and earth-system science are finding out about the health of our Planet-EARTH.  The adventure is free and begins at the Oviatt Library. There will be a spectacular star show at the Bianchi Planetarium and a variety of activities led by the CSUN Institute for Sustainability and JPL-NASA Education.

Featured speaker Karen Yuen - Science Data Applications Lead for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, NASA

speaking on Spaceship Earth: Air, Land and Water

Luncheon: Jack and Florence Ferman Presentation Room, Oviatt Library
Presentation: Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium (Ages 9+), Citrus Hall

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Watching the Earth Breathe Postcard