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Pave the Way: Celebrate the Library's 50th anniversary and secure your legacy at CSUN

Pave the WayThe iconic University Library at California State University, Northridge is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Sitting at the center of campus, the Library is affectionately referred to as "the intellectual heart of CSUN," with its striking grand staircase and unique architecture.

The newly renovated Library portico includes new paver tiles, upgraded railings, and an innovative addition to the Library – programmable colored LED lights that can be adjusted to suit various holidays or occasions. The reconstruction concluded with the installation of new concrete furniture. Students, faculty, staff, and the community can once again enjoy the panoramic view of the CSUN campus from the beautifully renovated South Portico at the center of the campus.

As we look forward to future commencement ceremonies and exciting events taking place in the beautiful new space, we are announcing an opportunity for our donors to have a paving stone engraved with their name and message to the campus. Contributors will have the chance to immortalize their names or messages on paving stones installed in the South Portico, creating a lasting tribute for both current and future generations of the CSUN community. In partnership with the Alumni Association, this unique opportunity will support the University Library's many innovative programs and the Alumni Association Student Scholarships fund.

By being among the initial donors to this campaign, you are supporting crucial needs within the University Library and establishing a robust fund for the Alumni Association Student Scholarships fund. This initiative recognizes the pivotal role of the University Library in fostering student success over the past 50 years and providing Matadors with a unique opportunity to leave an enduring mark in honor of this iconic building.

Paver dimensions: 24" x 24"

Cost: $5,000*

Final payment deadline: September 30 (*Payments can be made in full or in installments.)

Once we have received your initial payment, we will contact you for your personalized inscription details. Installations will begin in early 2025.

Whether you wish to celebrate personal accomplishments, demonstrate loyalty, pay homage to a club or team, or honor a cherished Matador or faculty member, take advantage of this chance to make a distinctive
and meaningful contribution to CSUN's history.

Make a lasting impact and purchase your paver today.

Pave the Way