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Yi Ding (Ding), Tenured Faculty & Director of Affordable Learning Solutions

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage the creation and maintenance of digital learning objects and open educational resources on information literacy to support student learning
  • Lead the CSUN Affordable Learning $olutions (AL$) team to apply for and manage AL$ funding, organize campus outreach and educational events, and spearhead other initiatives to reduce the cost of textbooks in support of student success
  • Direct the Youth Voice Youth Vote project by leading the CSUN Act Now team to deliver and assess civic and voter empowerment events and initiatives
  • Serve on the Advisory Board of DuBois-Hamer Institute for Academic Achievement and as a subject specialist for Library Science, Women in Science and Engineering, Civic and Community Engagement, Diverse Community Development Leadership, and Kinesiology


Areas of Expertise

  • Education Equity, Civic and Community Engagement, Online Learning, Healthcare Equity



  • Ding, Yi. "Flexibility, Feminization, and Library Instruction Professionalism: Oxymoron or Opportunity?" College & Research Libraries Special Issue “The Contested One-Shot: Deconstructing Power Structures to Imagine New Futures.”
  • Cheney, Liz, Yi Ding, and Laura Wimberley. “Equitable Student Success via Library Support for Textbooks.” Reference Services Review 2020 Special Issue on Academic Libraries and the Costs of Higher Education.
  • Ding, Yi. "Is Creative Commons a Panacea for Managing Digital Humanities Intellectual Property Rights?" Information Technology and Libraries 38, no. 3 (2019): 34-48.
  • Book Chapter for Envisioning the Framework: A Graphic Guide to Information Literacy
    • with Bessie Karras-Lazaris “Design method as pedagogy: Mapping a culturally-responsive information literacy journey for international students”
  • Book Chapter for Academic Library Services for Graduate Students: Supporting Future Academics and Professionals
    • with M. Rassibi “Empowering Graduate Students as Distance Learners: Access, Relevance, and Success”
  • Ding, Yi. Review of Decolonizing the Classroom: Confronting White Supremacy in Teacher Education, by Jessica S. Krim and Jennifer M. Hernandez. CHOICE
  • Ding, Yi. Review of The American Dream for Students of Color: Myths and Barriers to Educational Success, by Gretchen Givens Generett and Amy M. Olson. CHOICE 59 (2021): 7.
  • Ding, Yi. Review of Islamophobia in Higher Education: Combating Discrimination and Creating Understanding, ed. by Shafiqa Ahmadi and Darnell Cole. CHOICE 58 (2021): 11.
  • Ding, Yi. Review of Ambitious and Anxious: How Chinese College Students Succeed and Struggle in American Higher Education, by Yingyi Ma. CHOICE 58 (2020): 4.
  • Ding, Yi. Review of A Pledge with Purpose: Black Sororities and Fraternities and the Fight for Equality, by Gregory S. Parks and Matthew W. Hughey. CHOICE 58 (2020): 3.
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  • Ding, Yi. Review of American Chinese Restaurants: Society, Culture and Consumption, ed. by Jenny Banh and Haiming Liu. Chinese American Librarians Association 2020 Spring Issue Newsletter.



  • Lightning Talk. Cheney, Liz, Yi Ding, and Laura Wimberley. "Closing Doors but Opening Access: How to Boost Equity during a Pandemic." CCLI (California Conference on Library Instruction). 2021.
  • Presentation. Cheney, Liz, Yi Ding, and Laura Wimberley. “Narrowing Equity Gaps with Low-Cost Digital Textbooks”. NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators) Annual Conference. 2021
  • Poster Presentation, Hawaii International Education, “Mapping a Culturally-Responsive Information Literacy Journey for International Students: An Interdisciplinary Approach”. Honolulu, 2020.
  • Panelist, ALA Annual Current Issues Discussion Panel June 2019 “Challenging Deficit Thinking in Academic Libraries: Ideas and Applications”
  • Presentation, World IA (Information Architecture) Day February 2019 “‘Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment, Universal Design for Learning”
  • Presentation, QS Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference and Exhibition November 2018
    • with Ahmed Alwan, M. Rassibi “A Proactive Approach to Academic Integrity with International Students in Higher Education”
  • Presentation, LILi (Lifelong Information Literacy) Conference August 2018 “If Only I Had Time!’ Pro-tips for Efficiently Making Web Content Accessible”
  • Presentation, Peking University Digital Humanities Forum June 2018 “Is Creative Commons a Panacea for Managing Digital Humanities Intellectual Property Rights?”
  • Presentation, CCLI (California Conference on Library Instruction) June 2018
    • with J. Johnson & M. Rassibi “Reorganizing Digital Learning Objects for Student Success”
  • Presentation, CARL (California Academic & Research Libraries) Conference April 2018
    • with M. Rassibi “Using LMS to Improve the Access, Equity, and Quality of Information Literacy: A Collaborative Strategy”
  • Poster, CIES (Comparative and International Education Symposium) March 2018
    • with J. Gu “Improving Access, Equity, and Quality of the Information Literacy Education in the US: A Chinese Perspective”
  • Lightning Talk, LITA (Library and Information Technology Association Forum) November 2017 “Improving US Information Literacy Education for Chinese International Students: A Value-Oriented Approach



  • 2023 CA AD40 Woman of the Year Nominee
  • 2023 Certificate of Recognition by LAUSD Board of Education
  • 2022 Certificate of Appreciation by Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
  • 2021 New Leaders Council - Los Angeles Fellow (1/20 citywide)
  • 2021 President’s Volunteer Service Award Gold Medalist (for outstanding community contribution)
  • 2021 CSUN Jolene Koester Team Award (for outstanding contribution to the “Pivot to the Virtual Modality during the Pandemic” project)
  • 2021 Yenching Global Symposium Delegate (1/150 worldwide)
  • 2020 Class of Emerging Leaders by American Library Association
  • 2019 CSUN Faculty Success Grant
  • 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Academic Library Impact Research Grant
  • 2018 CSUN China Institute Faculty Development Grant
  • 2018 Code4Lib Diversity Scholarship Award
  • 2017 Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Forum Scholarship
  • 2016 Electronic Resources & Library (ER&L)/Taylor & Francis Travel Award
  • 2015 Tung-Li & Hui-His Yuan Family Award Fellowship




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