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Yi Ding, Online Instructional Design Librarian

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, create, and assess digital learning objects including tutorials, learning modules, guides, and technologically enhanced instructional materials for inclusion within the university's learning management system
  • Design, plan, and deliver information literacy instruction and reference services at the Oviatt Library
  • Lead the CSUN Affordable Learning $olutions Working Group to raise awareness of openeducational resources and decrease the textbook cost for students 
  • Act as a subject specialist for kinesiology, library science, and civic engagement to provide instruction and outreach to students and faculty


Professional Interests

  • Diversity (International patrons, patrons with mental and physical disabilities)
  • User experience design & Universal design
  • Emerging technologies & e-Learning


Courses & Guides

Fall 2018:


Spring 2018:


Fall 2017:


Current and Previous Projects


Publications and Presentations

  • (Accepted) Presentation, QS Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference and Exhibition November 2018
    • with Ahmed Alwan, M. Rassibi “A Proactive Approach to Academic Integrity with International Students in Higher Education”
  • (Accepted) Presentation, LITA (Library and Information Technology Association Forum) November 2018
    • with M. Rassibi “Building a More Inclusive LMS Environment”
  • Presentation, LILi (Lifelong Information Literacy) Conference August 2018 “If Only I Had Time!’ Pro-tips for Efficiently Making Web Content Accessible”
  • Presentation, Peking University Digital Humanities Forum June 2018 “Is Creative Commons a Panacea for Managing Digital Humanities Intellectual Property Rights?”
  • Presentation, CCLI (California Conference on Library Instruction) June 2018
    • with J. Johnson & M. Rassibi “Reorganizing Digital Learning Objects for Student Success”
  • Presentation, CARL (California Academic & Research Libraries) Conference April 2018
    • with M. Rassibi “Using LMS to Improve the Access, Equity, and Quality of Information Literacy: A Collaborative Strategy”
  • Poster, CIES (Comparative and International Education Symposium) March 2018
    • with J. Gu “Improving Access, Equity, and Quality of the Information Literacy Education in the US: A Chinese Perspective”
  • Lightning Talk, LITA (Library and Information Technology Association Forum) November 2017 “Improving US Information Literacy Education for Chinese International Students: A Value-Oriented Approach