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Your Vote Counts: a Message from the Oviatt eNews Editorial Team

eNews Edition: Fall 2018

instructions for women voters
Poster, "Instructions to Women Voters," Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1895 (Women's Suffrage Collection)

Our lead story this issue, “People Are Talking about What She Said” commemorates the opening event of the Special Collections & Archives exhibition on women's civic and community engagement.  Attending the event, we were very moved by the struggle our foremothers faced in gaining the right to vote, a struggle that people all over the world, including in some parts of this country, still must contend with in order to get to the ballot box.  Your vote is precious, and so we’d like to take this opportunity to call attention to what we’re doing at the Library to engage voters as the midterm elections approach:

Vote by Mail Drop-off Ballot Box. From Tuesday, October 9th to Tuesday, November 6th for the November 6, 2018 General Elections, the Oviatt Library will host a Vote By Mail Drop-off ballot box, which will be available at the Guest Services Desk during regular library hours.  Find out more about the Ballot Box

California Voter Forum: Get to Know the Ballot. The library is teaming up with students in the Departments of Journalism and Communication Studies to raise awareness about the issues at stake and deconstruct the campaign messaging that bombards us before an election. This event takes place in two sessions:

News Salon. In celebration of National Media Literacy Week… Get News Literate! Hang out with students in Jour365 - News Literacy to discuss and exchange ideas about politics, culture, and the arts in the Oviatt Library Learning Commons.  November 08 - 11:00am to 2:00pm

The deadline to register to vote in California in the upcoming midterm is October 22.  Don’t miss your opportunity to make your voice heard!

Gina Flores

David Morck

Elizabeth Altman