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Thanks & Recognition: Library Scholarship Students Share Heartfelt Gratitude with Donors

eNews Edition: Fall 2020

Contributed by Gina Flores

We are proud to announce the 2020 Library Student Employee Scholarship recipients. Thanks to continued donor support, we were able to provide over $25,000 in scholarships to deserving student assistants. The $1,000 awards provide supplemental aid in offsetting the cost of higher education for students with a financial burden. The heartfelt appreciation expressed by the awardees demonstrates the priceless sentimental value and powerful impact of this honor. In a thank you note to donor Marianne Afifi, Clinical Psychology Masters student Mariana Marquez wrote, “I will never forget that CSUN was home to me for my undergraduate and graduate education, and I will never forget all the people who supported my education along the way.”

Our scholarship recipients have an average GPA of 3.5 or better and exhibit an exceptional commitment to their fields of study. The gallery below demonstrates the tremendous gratitude our students shared in their thank you messages to our generous donors. We are forever thankful to our donors for sharing their gifts to support the dreams of our hardworking student assistants, as they have dedicated their time to the integral operation of the library to support the CSUN community’s quest for knowledge.

Mariana Marquez
Mariana Marquez, Clinical Psychology - Marianne Afifi Scholarship, Mary & James Cleary International Scholarship
Maryann Erilim
Maryann Erilim, Accounting - Library Employees Scholarship
Valerie Abboud
Valerie Abboud, Kinesiology - Dr. Karin J. Duran Scholarship, Mark Stover Scholarship
Camille Villaflores
Camilla Villafores, Accounting - Library Employees Scholarship
Michael Thamas
Michael Thamas, Biology - Ann & David Perkins Scholarship
Ollin Rocha
Ollin Rocha, Chiana/o Studies -- Ann & David Perkins Scholarship
Roxana Ortiz
Roxana Ortiz, Civil Engineering - Bonita J. Campbell WISE Scholarship, Friends of the Library Scholarship
Prateeksha Mohan Kumar
Prateeksha Mohan Kumar, Engineering Management, Grimm-Pannunzio Scholarship
Joseph Piellucci
Joseph Piellucci, Classical Guitar Performance - Purcell IGRA Endowment Scholarship
Brianna Rhodes
Brianna Rhodes, Criminology - Ann & David Perkins Scholarship