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Jack & Florence Ferman Presentation Room

Ferman Presentation Room

The Jack & Florence Ferman Presentation Room is an academic space for faculty and staff to conduct presentations, guest lectures, training sessions, and meetings.

Guidelines for Booking

Permitted Uses

The Presentation Room should be utilized for academic purposes. An example might be the Department of Linguistics bringing in a special speaker. Some administrative users may also utilize the room (see Presentation Room User Agreement).

Plan Ahead

A minimum of 14 days advance notice is required to place a reservation request for the Ferman Presentation Room. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated. The Ferman Presentation Room is in high demand, so availability is not guaranteed.

Dates & Hours

The Ferman Presentation Room is available during library hours, provided a library staff member is available. Reservations must conform to established building hours (view Library Open Hours calendar)

Designate a Liaison

To ensure consistent communication between your group and the Library, please assign one CSUN staff or faculty member to act as your event liaison throughout the planning process. This person needs to complete the Reservation Request Form.

Book Online

If you need to modify a confirmed reservation, please email Carina Becerra ( directly.

We cannot guarantee that your changes can be accommodated, so please check the online reservation system to see the most up-to-date availability.

View Availability and Book (faculty and staff only)


Location & Access

The Presentation Room #81 is located in the west wing at the lower level. Access to the Presentation Room is from the Library’s front main entrance. Continue through the lobby and turn left at the Learning Commons. Take the main walkway to the west wing of the building. Upon entering the west wing, turn right and go down the curved staircase to the Presentation Room.

Wheelchair users can take the elevator near the restrooms in the west wing from the main floor to the basement level, then proceed to the left.


The Presentation Room seats 72 people at seminar tables arranged in rows facing the large screen at the front of the room. There are 24 seminar tables with 3 chairs per table. The tables are 24”x 96” in size. We are only able to provide two room setup types:

  • Seminar style- 24 rectangular tables with 3 chairs each, MAX occupancy 72
  • Theater style- 100 chairs, no tables, MAX occupancy 100

*Exceeding max occupancy may lead to denial of request.* Special setups, parties, or receptions are not permitted.


There is a small kitchenette with refrigerator adjacent to the room.

Audio Visual Equipment

The Presentation Room has the following equipment in the room available to use:

  • Computer -- supports CDs and USB memory sticks/flash drives only
  • LCD Projector ceiling mounted
  • Retractable screen in the ceiling
  • Lectern microphone (room has built-in sound system)
  • DVD + VCR player
  • Lectern
  • White board with markers

Presenters are welcome to bring their own laptop. To be compatible, you must bring a SVGA cable to connect to the projector.

Technical Support

The Library is unable to provide technical support for your program. It is recommended that arrangements be made to bring your own technical support person to assist, especially with computer hardware and software issues.