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Applying as a Student Assistant at the University Library

Handshake application form
Handshake application form

Handshake Job Search Platform

  • Enrolled students can go to Handshake to sign up for a CSUN account
  • You can search for University Library jobs by searching "University Library" and setting the On Campus filter.
  • Students who qualify for work-study can apply for both work-study and non-work-study jobs.
  • All students are encouraged to apply for the General Pool as well as any specialized student position they might be interested in.
  • You will need to attach the University Library Student Job Application (pdf) for each University Library job you apply for.  You will need to save the document to your desktop in order to complete it.  Once you've completed it, please attach it in the "Attach Other Required Documents" section of the online application form.

For help overcoming technical difficulties, you may contact CSUN Handshake at (818) 677-5564 or (818) 677-2878