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Ecklund Internship in Research, Instruction, and Outreach Services

About the Internship

The Ecklund internship is supported by an endowment from Librarian Kristin Ecklund. The purpose of this endowment is primarily to provide a stipend of $4,000 for reference and instructional services internships for students in graduate library school programs. The Intern will be supervised by the Chair of Research, Instruction and Outreach Services (RIOS) and a minimum of 120 on-campus hours are required to complete the Ecklund internship.

Criteria for Appointment to Internship

  • Must be either enrolled or have completed a course in Reference Services and Instruction or Information Literacy Techniques (or demonstrate knowledge in these areas)
  • Must demonstrate ability to work within a flexible schedule
  • Must provide two references
  • Must come to campus for in-person interview
  • Must supply resume, cover letter and complete CSUN Volunteer Form
  • Preferred – Second year MLIS student (rationale: more coursework has been completed)
  • Must be enrolled in an MLIS Program and Internship Credit Course

General Baseline

  • Become acquainted with all service points in RIOS and Library
  • Be aware of Library and University governance
  • Attend at least one Library faculty meeting and RIOS department meeting


  • Observe lectures – at least 4 different librarians
  • Prepare a presentation, handout or webpage for a lecture
  • Co-teach at least one generic lecture
  • Observe at least one subject-specific lecture
  • Learn classroom instructional technology in use by the department’s librarians
  • Become acquainted with scheduling software for instruction requests.


  • Develop a comfort level with the online catalog
  • Develop a comfort level with general databases
  • Observe reference desk and work with at least 4 different librarians
  • Partner with Library faculty to take the lead in answering reference questions
  • Review databases in subject fields
  • Review reference books in subject fields
  • Answer questions at the reference desk and Ask a Librarian reference services with a librarian back-up

Web Based Instruction and Reference

  • Learn web page creation
  • Develop or update a course specific instructional guide
  • Develop or update a subject specific webpage
  • Learn web design software

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact RIOS Chair Laura Wimberley at and fill out the online application form:

Printable version of Guidelines (.pdf)

About Kris Ecklund

Kristin Ecklund, Research, Instruction and Outreach Services, University Library, has served with great distinction as a member of the CSU, Northridge Faculty for her entire academic career of over 36 years.
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Previous Interns

Melissa Cober, Spring 2020

Melissa Cober

"The Ecklund Internship at CSUN was an incredibly rewarding experience as an aspiring academic librarian. I had the privilege of learning to provide reference services and information literacy instruction from a team of librarians who are profoundly welcoming, knowledgeable, and generous with their time and expertise. I was also lucky enough to be able to help develop an Open Educational Resources LibGuide, a fascinating project that taught me a useful skill set and also helped me discover a new passion within the field of librarianship. Every step of this internship, I have felt both nurtured and empowered by this amazing community of librarians; they constantly went above and beyond to help me despite challenging circumstances, and I will forever be thankful for that. I started the semester unsure of whether or not I had made the right choice to pursue academic librarianship, and I am completing this internship confident in my choice, deeply grateful for the invaluable skills and relationships that I have gained, and excited to see what my career in librarianship holds next."

Christina Hummel-Colla, Spring 2019

Christina Hummel-Colla

"The Ecklund Internship opened my mind to the possibility of a career in academic librarianship. During my time at the University Library, I learned just how rewarding it can be to provide research and reference services and teach information literacy. I had the opportunity to observe and staff the reference desk, observe and co-teach classes, and develop a LibGuide. Not only did I develop useful skills that I will be able to utilize throughout my career, but I had invaluable support and guidance from the librarians at the University, who are warm and welcoming. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional in such a nurturing environment, and I feel confident in my decision to further explore a career in academic librarianship."

Wendy Nunez, Spring 2018

Wendy Nunez

"The Ecklund Internship was an amazing experience as a library student. I was able to put into practice the theory I had been learning in class. All the librarians at University Library were very welcoming and helpful. I am very thankful to all of the librarians who took time out of their schedule to answer my questions and let me work with them on their projects. This internship helped me feel reassured that academic librarianship is the career I want to pursue. I spent some time observing librarians at the reference desk and in information literacy classes. This was extremely helpful in learning and developing my skills in order to become an academic librarian. I had the opportunity to work on an assessment project and on developing a LibGuide. Both of these projects gave me various perspectives of the different jobs and skills needed in an academic library setting. I can say that this internship has made me feel more confident about myself and I am very excited to start my career as a librarian."

Stephanie Erbe, Fall 2016

Stephanie Erbe

"The Ecklund Internship was an amazing opportunity for me to expand my skillset in librarianship. The librarians at the University Library were extremely welcoming and supportive. A number of them took time out of their busy schedules to help answer any questions I had and share tips they’ve developed over time. While here, I was able to improve my reference skills, help teach classes, and work on a digital learning object project that exposed me to working with mockups and usability testing. I can definitely say that after this internship I feel more confident in my abilities and am excited to see where my career in librarianship will take me."

Atticus Frey, Spring 2014

Atticus Frey

"The Ecklund Internship was instrumental in solidifying my passion for information literacy, and reaffirmed my commitment to instructing students on effective research strategies and information access skills. I have not only gained valuable professional experience, but also have been fortunate enough to develop relationships and communication skills that I know will last my entire career. I am very thankful for all of the support and energy that the University Library librarians and staff have invested in my professional development."

Danielle Ball, Spring 2013

“I spent considerable time observing librarians at the reference desk, asking questions on how to improve my reference techniques, and providing reference to students, faculty, and non-CSUN patrons.  I really improved my own skills in searching the OPAC and databases with Boolean searches.  I also had the opportunity to attend library instruction taught by several librarians. It was interesting to see the interactions with faculty and students and the different approaches to orienting students to the library. I was able to ask questions and take notes of specific methods that were used.  Also, I spoke in depth with many of the librarians and got tips and information on preparing and providing instruction, especially as it relates to subject specialty and cooperating with the faculty to support student learning.”

Jamie Johnson, Spring 2012

Zoe Jarocki

The Ecklund Internship awarded me the opportunity to learn and develop many of the skills needed to become an academic librarian by working within the Research, Instruction, and Outreach Systems Department at the University Library.  I had the privilege of working on a variety of projects and gaining first hand experience in reference (both in-person and virtually), learning new library instruction techniques and creating digital learning objects.  The most positive and rewarding aspects of the internship came from working with the talented librarians who were generous with their time and knowledge and guided me through this rewarding experience.  This internship has definitely increased my passion for academic librarianship and I am more excited than ever to start my career. (Jamie Johnson)

Zoe Jarocki, Fall 2009

Zoe Jarocki

"The Ecklund Internship is a great experience for students who are interested in understanding all aspects of what it means to be a Reference and Instruction librarian. All of the University librarians and administrators are supportive and enthusiastic mentors who are happy to share their experiences and knowledge. As an intern, I have had the chance to observe and participate in all the duties of a RIOS librarian, at the reference desk, in the classroom, in meetings and electronic reference service. I am happy to say that this internship has enriched my MLIS studies." (Zoe Jarocki)

Isabelle Ramos, Spring 2007

"Working as an Ecklund Intern at CSUN was a wonderful opportunity to start my librarian career. Being exposed to the various tasks of an academic librarian provided me the helpful experience needed to gain a foothold in the field and build my skill set. But most importantly, I am grateful to the librarians, and especially Lynn Lampert, who were always willing to answer my questions and, in a sense, took me under their collective wing during my 6-month internship" (Isabelle Ramos).

Sarah Stern, Fall 2007

Sarah Stern

"The Kristin Ecklund Internship at the University Library was both a great opportunity and experience. I worked with so many knowledgeable people at the reference desk and gained a lot of experience working with such a diverse student body. In addition, it was great to be in an environment where information literacy is really stressed as part of student education and it was a real learning opportunity for me to observe all the skilled librarians teaching lectures. I would definitely recommend this internship to any student interested in reference and instruction" (Sarah Stern).